Museum Library - Detail of campus map

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Detail of campus map and instructions for finding the Library in the Museum building.

Detail of campus map showing the Kress entrance for getting to the Museum Library. The entrance is off the Museum's loading dock. While much of the Penn Campus is oriented on north-south, east-west axes, the Museum and Franklin Field face northeast. The Museum is adjacent to and southwest of Franklin field.

The Museum Library is in the middle of floor 3 of the Academic Wing.

From the East entrance (also known as the Group or Kress entrance): After checking in at the Visitors' Services desk, use the elevator behind the desk to go from floor 1 to floor 3 in the Academic Wing. Go straight as you exit the elevator.

During the summer 2019, the Main (Kamin) entrance to the Museum is under renovation. During this time, visitors to the Penn Museum can enter through the Trescher entrance in the Stoner Courtyard (the larger of the two courtyards with the large, round fountain) during Museum Hours, 10AM-5PM, Tuesdays-Sundays. After checking in at the Visitors' Services desk at the entrance, you can continue straight through Mosaic hall to reach the Academic Wing and turn left to find the elevators. Alternatively, you can go to the galleries on the 3rd floor of the Museum and access the Academic Wing through either the upper Egypt gallery or the Rome gallery, as shown on the 3rd floor plan.