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Chemistry Library

Chemistry Library

231 S. 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19104-6323

For additional information please call: (215) 898-2177.

Weekdays: The Chemistry Library is open to the public on weekdays fro 9AM-5PM. Visitors must enter the building from the south-most door on the 34th St. porch and sign in with the security guard after displaying a valid photo ID card. Penn affiliates may simply present their PennCards to the guard, and those who wish to enter via another door may request to have their cards validated by the Chemistry Department.

Evenings: From 5PM-10PM, access is restricted to holders of department-validated PennCards.

Weekends/Holidays: Access is by validated PennCard only.

To validate your PennCard: Cards are validated by advance arrangement with the Chemistry Department. Go to the Chemistry Department Office (first floor), Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 4:00, bringing your PennCard, and request access to the Chemistry Building for all hours that the library is open. Alternatively, you may e-mail Judith Currano with your name and ID number, and she will forward the information to the Department. Validation is tied to the life of the PennCard, so, if you get a new card, you must have it revalidated.