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Renewing Borrowed Materials

How to renew books:

If you have a PennKey:
Login to Franklin using this link or using the right top button on Franklin or the Libraries homepage.. When you are logged in, your name will display at the top of the page. Next to your name, click the "pennkey library account button". You will have to click on the "login with pennkey" link again. This will take you to your "My Library Card" Account. Once in your library account, click on the "loans tab". The page will shift and you will see all of your loans with the due dates located to the right of the title of each book. Without a PennKey:
Go to this page:


  • Verify the results of your renewal request by noting the new due date listed in the right hand column of your account screen.
  • The renewal option will not appear if your record is blocked for any reason, including fines, overdue recalls, or exceeding the charged items limit. Please contact the appropriate library for assistance.
  • Return items that could not be renewed to the library as soon as possible.
  • If you are renewing a large number of books online, select only 20 at a time, so that your request will not be rejected by the system due to being timed out.
  • Faculty and Term-loan borrowers should not renew books prior to one month before the due date.
  • If you bring renewed books into the library, you must take them to the Circulation Desk to have them stamped with the new due date in order to take them back out of the building.

Renewal limits:

  • Books that are long overdue (28 days or more) are considered lost and may not be renewed.
  • Books that have been recalled for another user may not be renewed.
  • Reserve materials may not be renewed online.
  • Bestsellers (Van Pelt Library) may not be renewed.
  • Videos may be renewed once, for an additional six weeks (42 days).