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ARC MS18 - Binswanger/Solis-Cohen Collection

Preliminary Inventory

Binswanger/Solis-Cohen Collection




Box 1




Aunt Clara's Birthday Party

- News clippings, letters, notes, poem


Letter to David from Barnett 1943


Richard Davy event (ca. 1950s)


Birthday Book # 1 - 1902-1915; correspondence, notes


Birthday Book # 2 - 1917-1967; correspondence


Birthday scrapbook pages, pressed flowers


Americana Sale Catalog # 908 - M. Polock's library


Americana Sale Catalog # 748 - M. Polock's library


Miriam Binswanger - 10 Bluebooks from Chegaray Institute, Phila.


Personal Recollections of Grandpa Binswanger, by Judith S-C


Photograph of Pauline Binswanger



Box 2




Birthday correspondence, etc. : Judith S-C


" " : Mrs. J. S-C (Miriam)


" " : Bertha S-C


" " : Caroll Binswanger


" " : Jack S-C


" " : Caroline ?


" " : Miriam S-C


" " : Eleanor S-C


" " : Mr. & Mrs. Frank Binswanger

Preliminary Inventory

Binswanger/Solis-Cohen Collection





Box 2 , Continued




Offprint photos of Mrs. Abraham S. Wolf


Binswanger Family list


American Descendents of Samuel Binswanger

by Meyer S-C


Death of Isidore Binswanger


School papers (Miriam?)


Photocopied letters of Isidore B. to Moses A. Dropsie


Letters to Miriam BSC : from her parents


" " : from her children


" " : from others


Sophia S-C


Judith S-C


Will of Judith Binswanger


Lion paper cutout




18th C. German document (list? letter?)


"Country Life" typescript (Judith?)


2 Photographs


Dr. Cornelia Kahn - A Memoir


Calling Cards (in envelope)


Clara's Birthday - clippings, letters; letter re: "Binny"


REMOVALS: Blue Ribbon

Empty envelope "Give to Lita"


Preliminary Inventory

Binswanger/Solis-Cohen Collection





Box 3




Photo Album


Birthday Book #3 - 1972-1980




Box 4




Isidore Binswanger In Memoriam (5 bound copies)


Braile book published by the Wednesday Evening Literary:

"Desdemona of the Ghetto & The Last Magazine: Judith Solis-Cohen"


Letters of acknowledgement from libraries which received book




Box 5


"Grandma Polock's Cap"




Box 6


"Grandmother Polock's Baby's Undergarment"




Box 7


Viel and wreath





Box 8 ("Relics of Girlhood looked over Oct. 15th 94")






Autograph Fan of Miriam Binswanger (Cape May 1870-1872)


Correspondence 1870s


Programs from Chegaray Institute, others


Letters and programs


Valentine (?)


Correspondence from family 1870s


Misc. Valentines


Misc. Correspondence re: engagement/wedding 1874-5


Announcement of Cornelia's wedding



Box 9




Introduction to anthology - 1st Draft


Binder for Preparation of anthology (Binder destroyed JR)


From binder:


History of Sunday Schools


The Jewish Home


A Seminary Ideal


Moral Purport of a Single Tax


Sephardic Jews of America


Can our procedures for the judicial determination of death

be bettered?


Judah Halevi


Moses, the Founder of Preventive Medicine


Sabato Morais, Teacher and Leader


Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Birth of

Sabato Morais (Mikveh Israel) 2 copies


Letter from Cyrus Adler re: DC Morais Collection


A City College for Philadelphia


The Arena Oct 98 v. 20 # 4 "A Menace to Freedom"


Catalog of 2nd Annual Exhibition of Works NY Physicians Art Club

April 1-15, 1928 (SSC three entries)


Barnwell Bulletin (Central High School, Phila.)

V. 12 # 49, 1934; V. 15 # 59, 1937



Box 9




Dedicatory Exercises (Annual report) 5-15-1892

Jewish Foster Home and Orphan Asylum

** (Also contains address by Morais)


Order forms for book: Pharmacotherapeutics


Poem and letter


Flowers from Palestine (letter and petals)




Speech about Hebrew University Med. School & Dr. Ratnoff


"Selected Titles" re Therapeutic Methods


AJC Notes


Letters to Solomon


Letters to Solomon


Letters from Solomon


Letters from Solomon to "Davidson"


Biographical sketches of Solomon


Biographical sketch by Emily S-C for AJC (?) Yearbook


American Journal of Electrotherapeutics and Radiology

Vol. 39, # 2


The Solomon Solis-Cohen School (Philadelphia)


American Jewry


Ken Dodge (Charge of communism being taught in high school)








Box 10





Solomon Misc.


Medical Life Vol. 44 # 87 (#203) Aug. 1937

Number dedicated to Jacob da Silva Solis-Cohen (inscribed)





Letter to Jacob from "Mother and Brother" ND


"Misc. papers from among the books donated to the library by Charity Solis-Cohen (formerly owned by Moses Finzi Lobo) 9-18-35"


Leon Solis-Cohen


Hays Family


Hays Solis-Cohen


"Tribute to Judah Magnes" by Hays Solis-Cohen


Bertha Solis-Cohen (Article on Northwest Passage in The Beaver)


Letter to Jacob from Aaron Schwarzbouer (1858)


Solis-Cohen Family genealogy


Solis-Cohen Family genealogical charts


"Fragment of an account book showing an entry of Samuel Myer Cohen of New York in 1739"


Receipt? "Isidore Binswanger, Chairman of the Board of School Directors, Philadelphia" [post-dated 1855]