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Library of the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies


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Locating & Borrowing Books at CAJS

Locating & Borrowing Books at the Library at the Katz CAJS


The Library at the Katz CAJS is divided into open and closed collections:

I. Open collections

  • The 2nd floor Reading Room
    Contains books designated REF, i.e. encyclopedias, dictionaries, basic texts, bibliographies and other reference books, current journals and newspapers, as well as current periodicals designated GAL.
  • The 3rd Floor Gallery
    Includes past issues of selected bound serials, indexes, and the proceedings of the World Congress of Jewish Studies. All these are also designated GAL.

II. Closed collections

Stack Level B1

Includes monographs in the following Library of Congress Classification classes:
  • A General Works
  • B-BJ Philosophy & Psychology
  • BL Comparative Religion
  • BM Judaism
  • BP Islam
  • BS Bible
  • BR-BX Christianity
  • C Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • D History
  • DS Jewish History
  • E-F American History
  • G Geography and Ethnography
  • H Social Science
  • J Political Sciences
  • K Law
  • L Education
  • M Music
  • N Art
In addition, B1 contains oversized books designated FOL and FOL+ (classes A-B only), and books designated MEMOR, a collection of Holocaust memorial books.
PLEASE NOTE: Only Fellows have access to B1 stacks from 9 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
Stack Level B2:
  • books in classes P (Literature and language), Q-T (Sciences and Technology), and Z (Bibliography)
  • undersized books designated MINI or - ("minus"; i.e. books under 16 cm)
  • FOL+ classes D-Z
  • Selected periodicals and newspapers
  • A collection of Dropsie College Doctoral theses
  • Microfilms and microfiche
  • Ephemera items designated STACKBOX
The Archives and Rare Book Rooms are located on the ground floor.
III. Non-Circulating Materials:
  • Reference works
  • Periodicals
  • Stack items denoted SPECIAL
  • Rare and fragile materials
  • Materials printed prior to 1900