Heliodorus Stele: Transcription & Translation
[Late 2nd century B.C.E.]
transcription of text from Heliodorus stele

Dorymenes to Diophanes greetings. The copy of the letter handed over to us by Heliodoros who is in charge of the affairs is enclosed. You will do well therefore if you take care that everything is carried out according to the instructions.

Year 134 (i.e. 178) , 22 of the month of Gorpiaios

Heliodoros to Dorymenes his brother greetings. The copy of the order by the king concerning Olympiodoros handed over to us is placed below. You will do well therefore if you follow the instructions.

Year 134, 20 (?) of the month of Gorpiaios

King Seleukos to Heliodoros his brother greetings. Taking the utmost consideration for the safety of our subjects, and thinking it to be of the greatest good for the affairs in our realm when those living in our kingdom manage their lives without fear, and at the same time realising that nothing can enjoy its fitting prosperity without the good will of the gods, from the outset we have made it our concern to ensure that the sanctuaries founded in the other satrapies receive the traditional honors with the care befitting them. But since the affairs in Koilē Syria and Phoinikē stand in need of appointing someone to take care of these (i.e. sanctuaries) . . . Olympiodoros . . .