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Home Penn Judaica On-Line Resource Guide
A to Z Index Comprehensive listing of all links in Penn Judaica's resource site.
Academic and Library Links Listing institutions, departments, programs, libraries, archives, and collections throughout the world.
The Arts Resources for the fine and visual arts, music, theater, cinema, in and on Jewish culture.
Bibliographies and Studies Contains direct links to topic related online bibliographies and academic studies.
Cultures, Communities, and Languages Sites relating to Jewish geographic and linguistic diversity, from both a historical and contemporary perspective.
Electronic Journals Directory of online academic and specialist journals relative to Judaic and cognate studies.
Electronic News, Magazines, and Media Online press and media coverage of local and international Jewish affairs.
Electronic Texts Repository of online versions of Bible, Talmud, Targum, Rabbinics, Philosophy, in English, Hebrew, and Aramaic, and articles and encyclopedias relative to Judaic and cognate studies.
Funding Sources Information and listings for foundations, grants, fellowships, and scholarships supporting excellence in Judaic and cognate studies.
Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies & Issues Sites, articles, and bibliographies on gender issues, Women and Judaism, Feminist studies, and links and support for Lesbian members of the Jewish community
NOTE: includes important links regarding domestic and spousal violence.
Hebrew Abbreviations A summary of most commonly used abbreviations in classical Hebrew literature, courtesy of Princeton University Library.
The Ioudaios-L Discussion List Ioudaios-L is a virtual community of scholars engaged in on-line discussion of Judaism in the Greco-Roman world. The current Ioudaios-L list reopened on December 20, 1997.
Israeli Library Catalogs Direct links to online catalogs in Israel.
Museums and Virtual Exhibits Where to go and what to see, in both the real and virtual worlds, from modern Jewish culture to ancient Near Eastern artifacts.
Online Courses and Syllabi Pedagogic resources for Judaic and cognate studies.
Other Jewish Links and Resources Miscellaneous internet directories and services for the Jewish virtual world.
  • Penn Library at 250: The Professionalization of Wisdom: The Legacy of Dropsie College and Its Library
  • The History of the Library at the Katz Center.
    RAMBI The online Index of Articles on Jewish Studies.