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ARC MS31 - Joseph Reider Collection






Collection Title: Joseph Reider Collection



Collection Call Number: MS 31



Volume:8.5 Linear Feet


7 Containers



Predominant Languages: English, Hebrew, Greek.


Other Languages:German, Arabic.


Related Collections: Dropsie College Archives, Faculty records

Cyrus Adler Collection (MS 26)


Donor: Mr. Emanuel Reider


Date Acquired: March, 1991


Date Processed: July, 1996


Processed by: Judith A. Robins, with assistance from Dr. Robert Kraft. Titles of Hebrew typescripts were translated into English by the Library staff.







Joseph Reider was born in the province of Volhynia, Russia, in 1886. In his correspondence with Dropsie College president Abraham Neuman, Dr. Reider expresses some uncertainty about his exact date of birth, and refers to his Polish passport for confirmation of the year.


To quote from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943), Reider "studied at the University of Gottingen, Germany before coming to the United States in 1904. Here he received his A. B. degree from the College of the City of New York in 1910, and his Ph.D. degree from Dropsie College in 1913. Immediately after being awarded his degree by Dropsie College, Reider was made professor of Biblical philology at the college and was also appointed librarian." He retained both these posts until his retirement in 1959.


He lectured on a variety of topics at Dropsie College. For example, in the academic year 1945-46 he offered courses in Hebrew Grammar, the Book of Job, and the Aramaic papyri of Assuan and Elephantine. This collection includes his some of his notes for each of these courses and others, including Hebrew Bibliography.


Dr. Reider contributed numerous reviews and articles to both Hebrew- and English-language periodicals and encyclopedias, and also served on the publication committee of the Jewish Publication Society (JPS). His monographs include his Ph.D. thesis, Prolegomena to a Greek-Hebrew and Hebrew-Greek Index to Aquila, published by Dropsie College in 1916, and a translation with commentary of The Book of Wisdom, published in 1957 by Harper & Brothers for Dropsie College, as part of its Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha Series.According to one biographical statement, he also published a translation and commentary on the Sibylline Oracles.


He extensively edited Deuteronomy with Commentary, originally submitted to the Jewish Publication Society by Dr. H. Hirschfeld, published by the JPS in 1937 under Dr. Reider's name. He also wrote a book on the life and influence of Samuel David Luzzatto. He proposed this work to the JPS in 1942 and submitted the manuscript for review in 1945, but it was never published.


He was a member of the American Oriental Society, American Society of Biblical Literature, and the American Library Association. He also served on the Publication Committee of the Jewish Publication Society of America.


Dr. Reider married Anna Farstej. They had two children, Raphael Benjamin and Emanuel T. Reider.At the time of his death on November 29, 1960, Dr. Reider was also survived by grandchildren.









In March, 1991, Emanuel Reider, son of Dr. Joseph Reider, donated this collection of his father's papers to the Annenberg Research Institute, successor institution to Dropsie College, which was in turn succeeded by the Center for Judaic Studies.


Bulk dates


The majority of the collection is undated, but appears to have been created during Dr. Reider's tenure on the faculty of Dropsie College (1913-1959). There is much material concerning his doctoral thesis on Aquila, accepted in 1913. Those notes written in German may relate to his studies at Gottingen University, prior to his emigration to the United States in 1904.




The bulk of this material consists of Dr. Reider's lecture notes for the courses which he taught at Dropsie College, and notes for various publications which he either wrote or planned to write.

The materials relating to his work on Aquila are the perhaps most voluminous group on a single subject, followed by his notes on Hebrew grammar. The great majority of these notes were written on 3 x 5" index cards, or paper slips of similar dimensions. Most of the notes were written in ink, but many were written in pencil. Virtually all of it is written in a small hand, suited to the dimensions of the paper, which may limit its legibility.


Other materials include typescripts of articles by Reider and other authors, some unidentified, as well as a small amount of correspondence, printed ephemera, and a few facsimiles (probably incomplete.) In addition, numerous ephemral publications authored by Dr. Reider were transferred to this collection from the Dropsie College Pamphlet Collection. Many of these were taken directly from copies of The Jewish Quarterly Review, published by the College. The only offprint originally found among his papers is the title "Etymological Studies in Biblical Hebrew."




Much of this material is in poor condition, having been created using acidic papers and improperly stored for many years. The index cards and paper slips, particularly the latter, are brittle and often discolored with their own acidity. Also, many items have been damaged by the residue of decomposed rubber bands and rusted metal clips. In removing these harmful materials, some brittle items were unavoidably torn. There is evidence of some mold on those cards which touched the original metal drawer dividers.




The notes were carefully shifted from metal drawers to acid-free boxes in 1992. It became clear at that time that some of this material was no longer in original order. The current arrangement of the collection reflects the preliminary-level processing which was done in 1996. The goals of this processing were to remove harmful materials (such as rusted clips), organize the material into series, restore some of the lost order to the English-language materials, and produce a preliminary finding aid.


In Boxes 3-6, blank 3 x 5" guide cards were used to separate the numerous sets of notes which had formerly been bundled together by rubber bands or paper clips. Most of these notes are in the order in which they were found, but some sets of notes have been reorganized to restore them to their presumed original context (for example, two bundles of notes concerning Zacuto were reunited.) Most, but not all, of these sets of notes are prefaced by a "title page"; that is, the group begins with a card or slip bearing only the title of the work.


Titles of note-sets in English are listed in the finding aid just as they appear on the card. Descriptive titles and additional notations which have been given by the processor appear in brackets. The most commonly assigned description is: ["Miscellaneous notes"]. This indicates the presence of additional material without titles or written in languages other than English. A high percentage of the latter material may prove to be out of order. Items found among the note sets which are larger than the 3 x 5" format were removed and placed in folders.


The folders in Box 1 are arranged alphabetically by topic. Those in Box 2 comprise a combination of items removed from the note-sets due to their larger format, and legal-size materials.The folders in Box 7 are arranged alphabetically by title.


One item was removed from the collection. This is a bronze figurine, 3.5" high, similar to Egyptian funeary figures, "Utashbis." The figurine has been transferred to the Library's artifact collection.


Processor's Note


Professor George Foot Moore once remarked: "It requires more scholarship to make a good index than to write a book that is indexed." This quotation is one of the many collected by Dr. Reider, perhaps for use in his own writings and lectures. It underscores the preliminary nature of the present finding aid, which is intended to serve only as a temporary guide to the collection until it can be more completely inventoried.







A Finding Aid to the Joseph Reider Collection.


FF 1 Unidentified negative photo-facsimile of a Greek manuscript, with one sheet of

Hebrew notes in pencil (both items in poor condition.)


FF 2 MS. about Greek versions of Aquila; ink on lined paper.


FF 3 MS. translations from Greek into Hebrew (presumed to be Aquila.)


FF 4 MS. translations from Greek into Hebrew (presumed to be Aquila.)


FF 5 MS. translations from Greek into Hebrew (presumed to be Aquila.)


FF 6 Carbon copy of MS. for Prolegomena on lined pages 1-200.


FF 7 Carbon copy of MS. for Prolegomena on lined pages 201-398.


FF 8 Negative facsimile of MS. for Prolegomena, pages 1-2, 281-284, 397-398,

with envelope and receipt from James J. Cogan Photostats (1962.)


FF 9 Typescript: "Aquila and his Bible Translation" by Joseph Reider, Dropsie College, Philadelphia.


FF 10 Title on original envelope: "Resume of Aquila Studies for Lecture." Various MS.

notes in Hebrew and English.


FF 11 Typescript: "Biblical Criticism in the Light of Modern Archaeology."


FF 12 "Etymological Studies in Biblical Hebrew" by Joseph Reider

Typescript and one copy of the offprint. (See also: Box 3-B)


FF 13 Clippings of reviews of Deuteronomy with Commentary, in English, German and Arabic.


FF 14 Hebrew typescript: "The Greek Translation of the Bible" (2 copies)


FF 15 Typescript: "Hebrew Historiography" by Joseph Reider, Dropsie College

(2 copies), with letter of from Harry M. Orlinsky.


FF 16 MS. essay on Hebrew literature.


FF 17 Title on original envelope: Inner Greek Errors. Various notes in Hebrew and

English. (See also: Box 2, FF 14 and Box 3-D)

FF 18 Typescript: Isaiah 57.8 by Joseph Reider, Dropsie College. (2 copies)

(See also: Box 3-B and Box 6-C)


BOX 1, Continued



FF 19 MS. notes for a history of Jewish Bible exegesis.


FF 20 Typescript: The Place of Jewish Learning in Modern Hebrew Literature by

Joseph Reider, Dropsie College.


FF 21 Black and white photograph. Group portrait. (Believed to be the members of the Publication Committee of the Jewish Publication Society.)


FF 22 Minutes of a meeting of a Sub-Committee of the Publication Committee For the Revision of the J. P. S. Translation, October 31, 1949, and Proposed Changes in

the J. P. S. English Version of 2 Samuel 15-17.

(See also: Box 3-A)


FF 23 Various MS. notes in Greek and English (presumed to be about Book of Joshua.)


FF 24 Photo-facsimiles of Hebrew and Greek (presumed to be collations of Joshua.)

(See also: Box 4-C)


FF 25 Hebrew typescript: Ephraim Mose Lilien, an Artistic Evaluation by Joseph

Reider (copy 1)


FF 26 Ephraim Mose Lilien (copy 2)


FF 27 Ephraim Mose Lilien (copy 3)


FF 28 Hebrew typescript: Shadal [Samuel David Luzzatto] as a Liturgical Poet

by Joseph Reider.


FF 29 Typed MS. of Samuel David Luzzatto, Life and Works by Joseph Reider,

Philadelphia, 1945 (pages not numbered)


FF 30 Typed MS. of Samuel David Luzzatto, Life and Works (pages 1-159)


FF 31 Typed MS. of Samuel David Luzzatto, Life and Works (pages 160-319)


FF 32 Typed MS. of Samuel David Luzzatto, Life and Works (pages 320-412)


FF 33 Notes and correspondence concerning the unpublished MS. of Reiders book

about Samuel David Luzzatto.

(See also: Box 1, FF 28-32, Box 3-C and Box 5-F)


FF 34 Title on original envelope: Sketches in Hebrew. Various MS. notes in Hebrew.


FF 35 Typescript: The Original Title of the Book of Maccabees, with letter from the

Journal of Biblical Literature (1949.)


FF 36 Typescript: The Book of Nahum. (See also: Box 6-B)


FF 37 Typescript: The New Ornament of Jewish Books by Joseph Reider, with

English and Hebrew ephemera.

(See also: Box 3-D, Box 6-B, and Box 7, FF 23)




BOX 1, Continued



FF 38 Hebrew typescript: The Biblia of the Poor by Joseph Reider. Concerns the

depiction in art of Biblical figures.

(See also: Box 1, FF 39 and Box 3-D)



FF 39 Hebrew typescript: The Biblia of Raphael by Joseph Reider. Concerns

Raphaels works depicting Biblical figures.

(See also: Box 1, FF 38 and Box 3-D)


FF 40 Typescript: The Traditional View concerning the Age and Authorship of the

Psalter by Joseph Reider (2 copies), with Synopsis.

(See also: Box 3-D)


FF 41 Hebrew typescript: RASHI as a commentator of the Bible by Joseph Reider.


FF 42 Typescript: The Bearing of the Ugaritic Texts on the Scriptures by Joseph Reider.


FF 43 Title on envelope: Ugaritic Texts & Scriptures. MS notes in Hebrew.


FF 44 Hebrew typescript: Biblical double letters in the light of Ugaritic inscriptions by

Joseph Reider.

(See also: Box 1, FF 41-43, and Box 3-B)


FF 45 MS. notes on The Book of Wisdom.


FF 46 Typescript: Book of Wisdom Commentary, pages 1-119.


FF 47 Typescript: Book of Wisdom, pages 120-246.

(See also: Box 1, FF 45-46, and Box 6-C)


FF 48 Miscellaneous correspondence.


FF 49 Miscellaneous notes.


FF 50 Miscellaneous quotations and anecdotes.


FF 51 Miscellaneous ephemera.


FF 52 Notebook (possibly not by Reider.)


FF 53 Typescript: memorial tribute to Cyrus Adler on the tenth anniversary of his death

(1950, possibly not by Reider. See also: Box 7, FF 31)


FF 54 Typescript: memorial tribute to Benzion Halper (1924, possibly not by Reider.)


FF 55 Hebrew typescript: Hunger and Thirst for God by Mr. [Derer ?] (3 copies)


FF 56 Letter to Reider from Heinrich Margulies, thanking him for sending a copy of his work on Amos, enclosed with two items about Amos authored by Margulies (all in German.)



BOX 1, Continued



FF 57 Copy of Solomon Rosonskys proposal to the American Council of Learned

Societies for a work on Cantillation in the Hebrew Bible, citing Dr. Reider as a


(See also: Box 2, FF 17 and 18, Box 3-D, Box 4-D, and

Box 7, FF 13, 18, 21 and 30)



FF 58 Typescript: The Prophet of Loneliness by Ronald Youngblood. Submitted to

Dr. Reider for his class in The Book of Jeremiah, May 1959.

(See also: Box 3-C)







FF 1 Miscellaneous notes in Hebrew and English removed from Box 3-A.


FF 2 Notes on shoes, etc. removed from Box 3-C.


FF 3 Notes on music, orientalism & occidentalism, etc., removed from Box 3-D.


FF 4 Notes on the ghetto, etc., removed from Box 3-E.


FF 5 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 3-F.


FF 6 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 3-F.


FF 7 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 3-F.


FF 8 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 3-F.


FF 9 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 4-C.


FF 10 Miscellaneous notes and ephemera removed from Box 4-D.


FF 11 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 5-A.


FF 12 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 5-B.


FF 13 Miscellaneous notes removed from Box 5-E.


FF 14 Inner Greek Errors. (See also: Box 1, FF 17, and Box 3-D).


FF 15 Miscellaneous notes in Greek and Hebrew.


FF 16 Typescript: Symmachusstudien 111: Symmachus und der Midrach.

(Possibly by Rahlfs)


FF 17 Untitled MS. on the characteristics of Jewish music, with negative

facsimiles of musical notations and portrait of Gershom Mendez Seixas.


FF 18 Typescript: Jewish Music in Pennsylvania in the Eighteenth Century.

Signed J. Reider at upper right.


(See also: Box 1, FF 57, Box 2 FF 17, Box 3-D, Box 4-D, and

Box 7, FF 13, 18, 21 and 30)






[Miscellaneous notes in English and Hebrew]


Arabic as Illustrative of Hebrew


Waw Consecutive


Apposition in Hebrew


Rationalization and Stratification of the Old Testament


A Critique of the JPS Version of Scriptures (See also: Box 1, FF 21 and 22)


Failure of the Septuagint


The Hebrew Original of Hegesippus


Synedrion in the Septuagint


The Sword Prophecy in Ezekiel 21


Song of Moses Deut. Ch. 32




Extracting sense out of Prov. 20.25


Difficult word in Ezek. 16.36


Extraordinary word in Deut. 33.3 and Isa. 1.5


Dating Song of Songs in Solomons times on basis of similar Egyptian erotic lyrics found in Chester Beatty Papyri ZDMG, 90 (1936) 589 ff.


Exposition of Ps. 49


Reduplicated Roots as a Source of Error in the Bible


Lack of Acquaintance with the Literature


Emphasis on the Subject in Hebrew and its Effect on the Consecutio Temporum


Anticipative Prolepsic Construction in the Scriptures


Some Methods in the Hebrization of Hellenistic Greek


[Notes on Prophets]


The Genius of the Hebrew Language


Neo-Hebrew Excrescences


BOX 3-A, Continued



Subject for Thesis: The Ahikar Version of the Elephantine Papyri


The Letter of Aristeas to Philocrates


Canaanite Inscriptions


Miscellaneous notes on Aramaic


Aramaic Papyri of Assuan and Elephantine







[Miscellaneous notes in Hebrew and English]


[Sections] 5-14


[Sections] 16-19


The Ugaritic Texts and their Bearing on the Bible, by Joseph Reider


Biliteralism in the Light of the Ugaritic Texts, by Joseph Reider


Meletemata Ugaritica, by Joseph Reider

(See also: Box 1, FF 42-44)


Isaiah 57.8, by Joseph Reider (See also: Box 1, FF 18 and Box 6-C)


Etymological Studies in Biblical Hebrew, by Joseph Reider (See also: Box 1, FF 12)









[Miscellaneous notes in Hebrew and English]


[Literary Quotations]


From Syria, XVIII (1937)


Notes on Ras Shamra Texts


Vetus Testamentum, II (1952)


[Bibliographic citations]


On S. D. Luzzatto (See also: Box 1, FF 28-33 and Box 5-F)


Introduction to the Book of Jeremiah


Contents of Book of Jeremiah (See also: Box 1, FF 58)


Ideal of Feminine Beauty


The Equivalence of Wine, Woman and Song in Arabic


The Parties Hontenses in Semitic Languages (See also: Box 2, FF 2)


[Notes on womens clothing]





BOX 3-C, Continued



Shoes (See also: Box 2, FF 2)


[Notes on rings]




The Beard


[Notes on Christianity]


[Notes on Faith]


Recent Discoveries of Jewish Interest [Archaeological]


Concerning Pasek [Pesach]


Legendary and Tribal History, Judah & Israel, Nationalism & its Decay


The Significance of Yod in the Scriptures


Scripture Emendations


Oriental Poetry


Words with Antithetical Meanings


Yom Kippur


Sacrifices of the Hebrews


Sacrifices in the Old Testament


Priests and Levites [Role in sacrifices]







[Miscellaneous notes in English and Hebrew]


The Origin of Music According to the Bible


Modern Jewish Music


Secular Currents in Synagogue Music, by Joseph Reider (See also: Box 7, FF 30)


Bibliography of Jewish Music


Orientalism and Occidentalism [Art, Architecture, Music] (See also: Box 2, FF 3)


Hebrew Characters in the Paintings of Great Masters (See also: Box 1, FF 38 and 39)


[Notes on Christian Church Art]


Art in the Synagogue


Jewish Art in Eastern Europe


Jewish Engravings


Judeophobia among Artists


[Notes on Dropsie College]


Jews and Western Civilization: A New Estimate of the Effect of European Civilization

upon the Jew


Paraphrasis of the Bible into Rhyme


Notes on the Age and Authorship of the Psalter (See also: Box 1, FF 40)


Notes on Jewish Bible exegesis (See also: Box 1, FF 19)


Introduction to Biblical Criticism


Inner Greek Errors (See also: Box 1, FF 17 and Box 2, FF 14)


New Ornament of Jewish Books (See also: Box 1, FF 37, Box 6-B, and Box 7, FF 23)






[Miscellaneous notes in English and Hebrew]


Orthodoxy and Reform


The Jewish Soul


The Nemesis/Revenge of Judaism on Nationalism


The Jewish Scholar


The Case of the Teacher versus the Preacher


Ghetto (See also: Box 2, FF 4)


Profanation of Jewish Scholarship


Jews and Judaism


The Synagogue and its Decay / What Ails the Synagogue


American Judaism


The Scriptures in Synagogue and Home


The Bible as Folk Literature


Bible Critics


The Riddle of Ezekiels Abnormal Style


Inadequacy of Interpretation




Book of Psalms


Commentary on Book of Proverbs


Fresh Light on the Age of the Book of Job


Fresh Light on Job 36.27-33


Comments on Job


The Book of Chronicles


Languages Used by Jews in Study, Speech and Writing


King and Rabbi








History of Hebrew Grammar


I. Orthography and Phonology


Vowel Signs


Syllable Formation


Christian Hebrew Grammarians


A Course in Hebrew Grammar


Pre-Masoretic Hebrew


Morphology of the Hebrew Noun


II. Morphology or Etymology GKC, Part II, pp. 99 ff.


III. Hebrew Syntax


Notes for Freehof Festschrift [Palestine]






Sharret: Honorary Degree


Palestine under Ptolomys


Jews in Egypt Outside of Alexandria & The Few Greek Cities


Egyptian War--Near Revolt


Jews & Selucids


[Onias or Oniads] and Tobias


Succession to Alexander


Syria & Palestine / Selucids vs Macabees


Cultural Relations of Jews and Turks with Special reference to Egypt


Palestine in Hellenistic Period


Deification of living men before Alexander


High Priesthood







[Miscellaneous notes in Greek]







[Miscellaneous notes in Greek and Hebrew]







[Miscellaneous notes in English, Greek and Hebrew]


A Survey of Hebrew Literature


Palestine Exploration


The Book of Joshua (See also: Box 1, FF 23 and 24)








Bible Editions


The Clarendon Bible


Church Fathers


Jewish Commentaries to the Scriptures






Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha


Book Tobit




Introductions to the Talmud


Mishna MSS.


Translations of the Talmud



BOX 4-C, Continued



Commentaries on the Mishna


Commentaries on the Talmud Babli

Grammars of the Talmud


On Attempts at a Talmudic Concordance




Codes and Compendia






Secular Poetry


Abraham Ibn Hasdai


Grammar & Exegesis




Mysticism & Kabbala




Books of Travel








[Miscellaneous notes in Hebrew and Greek]


Music in Bible


Music in Talmud


[Notes on Solomon de Rossi of Mantua]




Musical Terminology in Abraham Ibn Ezra / Abraham Ibn Hiyya


The Old Testament in Music


Jewish Composers in the Service of the Church


Christian Composers in the Service of the Synagogue


Congregational Singing


Hassidic Music


Music among Hassidim




Women Singing


Wedding Music






Musical Instruments


The Jew in the Thicket


Musical Freaks


[Notes on music of various nationalities]


The Organ in the Synagogue


Musical Names among Jews




BOX 4-D, Continued



[Miscellaneous notes in English]


Comment. to Megil. Abiathar


[Miscellaneous notes on Jews of Tortosa]


Jewish Courts






Economic Conditions


Jewish Community




Moral Conditions


Domestic Life


Jew as Royal Official


Jews, services under Church jurisdiction


Lecture material: Jews in Europe after the World War I







[Miscellaneous notes in English, Greek and Hebrew] No divisions.







[Miscellaneous notes in Greek and Hebrew] Multiple divisions.







[Notes translating Greek into Hebrew] No divisions.







[Notes translating Greek into Hebrew] No divisions.







[Notes translating Greek into Hebrew]


Divisions labeled: A, B, D, E, F, G, H, I.







[Notes translating Greek into Hebrew]


Divisions labeled: K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, X.








[Miscellaneous notes in English, Greek and Hebrew] Multiple divisions.









[Miscellaneous notes in English, German and Hebrew]


S. D. Luzzatto (See also: Box 1, FF 28-33 and Box 3-C)


5. Die Konsonanten-schrift


6. Schriftrichtung, Wortabteilung


7. Ansatze zur Vokal-schrift


8. Die Vokalzeichen






11. Phonetische Vorbemerkungen


12. Der Lautbestand


13. Die Silbe


14. der Akzent


Chapter 1


[Sections] 4-13


[Sections] 16, 17, 19, 21, 22


[Sections] 24-28, 30, 32-34, 39


[Sections] 40-66, 45, 51, 56-66, 57, 59


[Sections] 63, 64, 66


Jeremiah, The prophet zukerngtsbild [?]


Textual criticism




Exercises for [illegible]




Hebrew Grammar, history of


Luthers Version


Puncta Extraordinaria



BOX 5-F, Continued





Pronunciation of Hebrew


Hebrew Grammar, Modern (accidence and syntax)


Hebrew Grammar, Modern (accidence)


Aussprache des Hebr.


II. Lantlehre


Hebraische Sprachlehre




Reading Charts




I. Schriftlehre


Aussprache des Hew.


Transcription of Hebrew








[Miscellaneous notes in Greek and Hebrew] Multiple divisions






Hebrew Bibliography


Chapters in Hebrew Bibliography


Hebrew Script




Great Literary Discoveries


The Forging Fraternity




Women Printers




Hebrew Books Printed in America




Hebrew Collections and their Migration


Cairo Genizah


The Fate of Hebrew Books


The Auto da Fe of Books: It is easier to destroy books than to contravert them


The Cost of Books


Purloining of Books


Biblical Libraries


Great Hebrew Libraries (Private)


[Notes on academic libraries in England]


[Notes on libraries in France]


[Notes on libraries in Germany, Austria and Poland]


[Notes on libraries in Israel]




BOX 6-B, Continued



Hebrew Bibliography, Cont.


[Notes on libraries in the United States, including Dropsie College]




Florid Titles in Hebrew


Hebrew Bibliographers

Hebrew Books in Miniature


Bible Illustration


Figured Massorah


Illustrations in Haggadahs


Christian Illustrations of Books on Judaism


Motives [Illustrative motifs] (See also: Box 1, FF 37, Box 3-D, and Box 7, FF 23)


Burning of Books


Commentary on Nahum (See also: Box 1, FF 36)


Comments on the Book of Micah




Zechariah 1-8




Commentary on Habakkuk




Moses Mendelssohn


Abraham Geiger


Zacharias Frankel


Rabbinical Conferences


[Notes on Zacuto]


[Notes on Sopheric Halacha]






[Miscellaneous notes in English and Hebrew]


Theology and Philosophy


The Book of Wisdom


1. Introduction


3. Text


4. Language


5. Authorship


6. Date of Composition


8. Theology and Philosophy


9. Relation to Wisdom Literature


10. Rabbinic Sources


(See also: Box 1, FF 45-47)



[Section] 2


[Section] 3




Commentary on Minor Prophets


Introduction to the Book of Isaiah (See also: Box 1, FF 18 and Box 3-B)


Commentary on Deutero-Isaiah, Ch. 40-66


Commentary on Ezekiel


Immanuel Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision NY 1950








Miscellaneous notes in Greek and Hebrew, on rectangular strips of paper and folded sheets.







Miscellaneous notes in Greek and Hebrew, on rectangular strips of paper and folded sheets.







Miscellaneous notes in Greek and Hebrew, on rectangular strips of paper and folded sheets.





FF 1 Athenaeum Subject Index to Periodicals (Review)


FF 2 Biblical Literature (JQR roundup reviews)


FF 3 Bibliography of the Works of Max L. Margolis


FF 4 Brooklyn Museum Aramaic Papyri (Review)


FF 5 Brunes Flavius Josephus (Review)


FF 6 Cassutos Commentary on Exodus (Review)


FF 7 Catalogue of Samaritan Manuscripts (Review)


FF 8 The Date of Ezekiel


FF 9 Dropsie College Library


FF 10 Encyclopedia of Jewish Knowledge (Review)


FF 11 Etymology of Hebrew Mul or Mol and its Bearing on Tmol and Etmol


FF 12 Itba in Hebrew and Aramaic


FF 13 Jewish and Arabic Music (Review)

(See also: Box 1, FF 57, Box 3-D, Box 4-D, and Box 7, FF 18, 21 and 30)


FF 14 Jews in Medieval Art

(See also: Box 1, FF 38 and 39)


FF 15 Kaminkas Marcus Aurelius (Review)


FF 16 The Lachish Letters


FF 17 Miscellanea Hebraica


FF 18 Modern Renaissance of Jewish Music (Review)

(See also: Box 1, FF 57, Box 3-D, Box 4-D, and Box 7, FF 13, 21 and 30)


FF 19 The Name Ashur in the Initials of a Difficult Phrase in the Bible


FF 20 Negative Tendencies in Modern Hebrew Literature


FF 21 A New Exponent of the Hebrew Chant

(See also: Box 1, FF 57, Box 3-D, Box 4-D, and Box 7, FF 13, 18 and 30)

FF 22 A New Lexicon to the Old Testament (Review)


FF 23 Non-Jewish Motives in the Ornament of Early Hebrew Books

(See also: Box 1, FF 37, Box 3-D, and Box 6-B)




BOX 7, Continued



FF 24 Note on the Dura Synagogue Inscription


FF 25 On MSHTY in the Qumran Scrolls (Review and response)


FF 26 The Present State of Textual Criticism of the Old Testament


FF 27 Recent Biblical Literature (JQR roundup reviews)


FF 28 Remarks on Drivers Textual Problems


FF 29 The Scheide Biblical Papyri (Review)


FF 30 Secular Currents in the Synogogal Chant in America

(See also: Box 1, FF 57, Box 3-D, Box 4-D and Box 7, FF 13,18 and 21)


FF 31 Selected Bibliography of Cyrus Adler (See also: Box 1, FF 53)


FF 32 Studies on Josephus (Review)


FF 33 The Text of the Old Testament