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Advanced Search

Searching New Franklin

Advanced Search

The Advance Search provides both a guided search and a customized search box, as well as a Publication Date range search.

Guided Search mode:

  • Enter a single term, multiple terms, or a phrase in the first search box.
  • The adjacent drop-down menu allows you to search for all of the terms, any of the terms, or as a phrase.
  • Use the drop-down menu to the right to limit your search to a specific field. See Field searching.
  • Add additional terms and fields using the Boolean operators between the search rows.
  • Add even more rows using the "Add a row" (add a row icon) feature.

Custom Search box:

  • When a user types into the fielded search boxes and selects options from the adjacent pull-down menus, the command line equivalent appears in the customsearch box above.
  • To compose and edit directly in the custom box, click on the Let me customize this search checkbox.
  • When constructing or editing a search using the custom box you may use:
    • Boolean operators AND OR NOT (these must be capitalized in the Advanced search)
    • parentheses to nest search terms
    • quotation marks to search phrases
  • After editing the search in the custom box, return to the guided search by unchecking the Let me customize this search checkbox.
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