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Articles+ provides spelling normalization. For example, in English, theater and theatre are two spellings of the same word. A search of either word will retrieve both. Language-specific synonyms are also defined for cases where two words have the same meaning.

In Articles+ there are two distinct language attributes: 1) the language of the record, 2) language of the work itself (book, article, etc.). The Language limit uses the language of the work, while native-language searching uses the language of the record.

When one changes the search interface to be in another language, the results in the user interface language are boosted. This feature is useful when a given query term can be a word in multiple languages, and when the results include records in multiple languages.

When in a specific language interface, in instances where the final vowel of a word is dropped when the next word begins with a vowel, when the second word is searched, both forms are found. For example, in French, searching amour will also find l'amour.

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