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Content Types

Under Content Type on the left, click MORE to see all available content types or the content types represented by the item retrieved by your search: See Content Type Definitions (spreadsheet from ProQuest)

Publication Date

To limit your results to a date range, use the publication date limit feature.

While a date slider is provided, it only covers exactly 100 years.

Use the calendar function to select specific: day/month/year. Dates can be added manually. Use this format: month - day - year 5/12/2018 .


When a search is performed, the subject facet on the left will display the top 5 subject terms from the entire results set. Click on More to see the top 100 terms, which can then be sorted by ranking or alphabetically.

Articles+ relies on the subject terms used by providers that contribute records to the database. This means that i there are Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms, along with terms from other sources. The subject terms from the providers are merged into a single record that displays in Articles+.


Articles+ contains records for materials in over 50 languages. After performing a search, you can limit results to one or more languages represented in the results set. The first five most represented languages will show in the language limit on the left. Click more to see all languages represented in the results. You can do a blank search to see the number of records in each language. The Language limit uses the language of the work.

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