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On the main search interface, there is a limit for Scholarly & Peer Reviewed resources pnlu. On the Advanced search screen, an option for Peer-Review only is available.

Academic/Scholarly: A serial type assigned by Ulrich's to describe the primary audience for the publication. The Scholarly determination is made by a process combining publisher self-reporting about individual titles and independent Ulrich's editorial research.

Peer-Reviewed: The terms "peer-reviewed" refers to the system of critical evaluation of articles by professional colleagues or peers. Multiple types of peer-review (e.g., double-blind, expert) are included under this designation. The content of refereed publications is sanctioned, vetted, or otherwise approved by a peer-review or editorial board. Ulrich's gathers information about peer-reviewed publications from publishers. The information is supplemented by feedback from librarians and individuals associated with the publications, as well as through independent research conducted by the Ulrich's editorial team.

Open Access

Content in Franklin Articles+ is considered Open Access if it meets the following general criteria:

  • An item is freely available and openly accessible without requiring authentication by the user.
  • An item is identified by the provider/publisher as Open Access and has an indication in the record metadata.
  • An item resides in a known Open Access repository or database or journal collection.
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