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Basic Searching


  • Type a single keyword or multiple words in the search box.
  • If two or more words are entered into the search box, the words will be joined with AND during the search.

  •     online learning searches online AND learning

Boolean Operators

  • AND, OR, NOT may be used in the simple Articles+ search box, but they MUST be in capitals

  •     subway AND railway
        teenagers OR adolescents OR youth

  • In a search statement with AND, OR, or NOT, Articles+ processes these operators sequentially, from left to right, as the operators appear in the query. If a query contains parentheses, operators within parentheses are processed first.
  • To exclude items in an Articles+ search, use the NOT operator or minus sign (-) character before a term (no space between minus sign and term)

  •     science NOT "science fiction"
        science -"science fiction"


  • At the start of your Articles+ search, you can apply pre-limits to your search results.

  •     Scholarly & peer-review only
        Full text only
         Exclude Newspapers
        Search beyond the Penn collection
  • After completing your search, you will see additional limits on the left of the results screen.

  •     Refine your Search: full-text, Scholarly & Peer-reviewed
        Scholarly & Peer-reviewed

Phrase and Proximity

  • Enter phrases within quotation marks " "

  •     ""colorado river""

Truncation symbols:

  • An asterisk (*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word.

  •     col*r will find: color, colour
        participa* will find: participate, participates, participation, participating
  • A question mark (?) will match any one character.

  •     organi?ation will find organization or organisation.

For more detailed information about content and search features in Articles+, see the Guide Franklin Discovery: Articles+

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