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An author keyword search is a keyword search of the author fields. To search by author either:

Select Author Keyword from the pull-down menu in the Basic Search

  • If you:
    • Enter two names in any order, terms will be connected by AND:

        will cather searches willa AND cather

    • Enter a name with an initial, the initial will be searched as a separate term:

        l frank baum searches l AND frank AND baum

    • Enter a comma and a space between names, the two names will be combined with AND, but the terms in the order searched will be weighted higher in the results:

        wharton, edith - "wharton edith"will beweighted higher.

    • Use quotation marks around search terms, the results can vary, as the terms are searched as adjacent, in the order given.

        "russo richard" gets more hits than "richard russo"

    • Want to do proximity search, use the tilde symbol "~" and a number, after a search in quotes

        "william f buckley"~2 finds william AND f AND buckley within 2 words of each other.

    • Search only a last name and get too many results, use the Author/Creator limit on the left to narrow your search to a specific author.

    • Search a last name and truncated initial (hardy t*) the search is translated to hardy AND t*: not an effective search. Use the Author Browse search instead.

Select Keyword Expert from the Basic Search menu

    • author:russo
    • author:butler and title:"way of all flesh"

Use the Full Advanced Search (Click on Advanced Search)

  See Advanced Search
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