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Franklin provides access to the Libraries cataloged resources (Franklin: Catalog) and the full text of articles published in scholarly journal articles, magazines, newspapers, and other types of content, all in a single interface (Franklin: Articles+).

Search from the default "Catalog & Articles+" tab to combine your results on a single page. Or click on the appropriate tab to search just the Catalog or Articles+.

Searching under "Catalog & Articles+" displays two columns of results from resources included in both the Libraries Catalog and the Articles+ database. You may select a title from either column to view detailed information about that resource.

To see the full results from either collection, select the "View and Filter" option that appears at the top of each column. Selecting "View and Filter" will also allow you to filter your results to target your retrieval.

Note: If you enter a search in Franklin using one tab, you can change your mind and select another tab without losing your current search.

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