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Working with Franklin Results

Creating Links to Records and Searches

Link to a Record in Franklin:

  • A Direct Link for a particular record is provided in the bottom righthand corner of each record display. This link is the most efficient way to link to a given record.
  • If the bibliographic record number is known, this URL format can be used to access that record:

  • To create a search that pulls in multiple individual records use the numeric_id: field followed by the bibliographic id number, which is provided in the Direct Link. Use the keyword expert search and combine ids with OR:

            numeric_id:2608305 OR numeric_id:2232482 OR numeric_id:2344907 OR numeric_id:3253222 OR numeric_id:2199987 OR numeric_id:1720387

Link to a Search Query:

  • Search queries, as they appear in the browser URL line after the completion of a search, are stable URLs that can be links to specific searches.

RSS Feeds:

  • After executing a search, a RSS feed icon will display in the upper right corner of the page. Click on the icon to select a feed reader and set up a feed.
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