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Author browse searches are left-anchored searches by author name. An "author" can be an individual, an editor, an association, a company, a conference, a performer, or a governmental agency.

  • Most author searches are straightforward. Enter an individual's last name first, followed by the first name. A comma is not necessary:

  •     munro, alice
  • You need not include the first name, but for common last names it is useful to include at least part of the first name.

  •     patterson, j
  • If the spelling of the last name is uncertain, search only part of it.

  •     dostoevsk
  • Retain the hyphen in a hyphenated name.

  •     evans-pritchard
  • For names with connectives, follow the conventions of the author's country or language.

  •     gogh vincent van
        sade marquis de
        de sanctis francesco
  • Where there are variant forms of authors' names, such as pseudonyms, note the See also: and Use instead: links.

  •     twain mark
        snicket lemony
  • For organizations, corporations or government agencies as authors, search enough of the name to distinguish it. Department may be abbreviated "dept" when searching for agencies of the United States government. Search hierarchical names in full descending order.

  •     world health org
        united states dept of state
        university of pennsylvania school of medicine
        United States. Congress. House. Committee of Revisal and Unfinished Business
  • Search both acronyms and full names to be thorough.

  •     ibm
        international business machines
  • Proceedings of conferences, symposia, meetings, etc., can be found by searching on the full name of the conference. Note: if this does not work try a Keyword search that combines part of the name, location of the conference, and date.

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