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Call number browse searches are left-anchored searches of call number strings. Select Call number browse from the pull-down menu in the Basic Search. (Since 1968 Penn has used the Library of Congress classification system; LC call numbers start with letter codes. Before 1968, Penn used the Dewey Decimal classification system. Since then, many Dewey works have been reclassified to LC, but other works remain with Dewey call numbers.) The results of the call number browse search show the full call number and title information. (245 |a and |b).
  • You can look for a specific book by entering the full call number.

        PT8950.H3 V513

  • Call numbers may be abbreviated in a browse search.


  • A space in the first part of an LC call number is not necessary. These examples work.

        RC 547.B44
         RC547 .B44

  • In LC call numbers, a space and/or period must be used before the Cutter letter:

        RC 547.B44
        RC 547 B44
        RC 547 .B44

  • In LC call numbers, include periods that appear in the class number


  • Include periods that appear in Dewey numbers

        914.2 B794.2

  • Some rare & manuscript materials use unique call numbers.

        ms. codex 111

  • Call numbers for sound recordings consist of the record label name or abbreviation and the LP or CD number. Spacing does not matter.

        nimbus 5044 cd
        nimbus5044 cd
  • For dissertations and theses, it is not necessary to have a period or space after "diss." These examples work.

         Diss. POPM1968.1

  • To gather a search set by call number, use the Keyword Expert search and search by the call number field


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