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  • Field Codes may be used in the Keyword Expert searches and may be combined with Boolean operators.

  •     title:cathedral and author:carver
  • Put searches of more than one word within parenthesis, otherwise the first word is searched in the specified field and the second word is searched in the full database
  • Put phrases in quotations marks.

Field Name Field Code Search Examples
Author author: author:hemingway
Title title: title:farewell
title:("assault on reason")
Journal Title journal: journal:economist
journal:("social forces")
journal:(social AND economics)
Series series: series:("solid state physics")
series:("literary biography") AND poets
Subject subject: subject:(dickens AND expectations)
Form/Genre genre: genre:("ethnographic films")
Publisher publisher: publisher:sage
Place of Publication pubplace: pubplace:philadelphia
Conference conference: conference:solvay
Corporate Author corporate: corporate:("university of pennsylvania")
ISBN/ISSN isxn: isxn:0521875838
Publisher Number (for music, sound, video) pubnum: pubnum:MCA
Call number callnum: callnum:(GV1469.17.S63)
Language language: language:french
Contents notes contents: contents:("song of myself")
Record alma_mms_id: alma_mms_id:9977059297803681
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