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Searching: ISBN / ISSN

There are several ways to search by ISBN/ISSN:

1. Select ISBN/ISSN from the Basic Search pull-down menu

  • Enter the number with or without spaces.

  •    0-299-05210-9    0299052109    00225037    0022-5037
  • ISBN and ISSN searches will also work in the Keyword search, but other identical numbers, other than the ISBN or ISSN may match..
  • ISBN and ISSN numbers can be truncated in the Keyword Basic and Advanced keyword search options.

  •    037572*

2. Select Keyword Expert from the Basic Menu

  • isxn:1565124995 - searches this number string in the ISBN and ISSN fields.
  • isxn:037572* - searches this truncated number string in the ISBN and ISSN fields.

3. Use the Advanced Search

  • ISBN/ISSN is an option in the pull-down menu
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