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Limits are predefined categories of information and the values within those categories. Limits display on the left of the search screen.

Available limits are: Access, Record Source, Format, Author/Creator, Subject, Language, Library, Specific Location, Publication Date, Classification, Form/Genre, Recently Added. (Currently only videorecordings are included in the Form/Genre limit.)

Using Limits

  • Limits may be used before or after a search is executed.
  • Limits originally display by frequency. To see additional values for any given limit, click on "more..." in that limit's box. All values for that limit will be displayed in frequency order. Choose the A-Z Sort button to resort the limit values alphabetically. Use Next and Previous to move through results.
  • To use Limits, click on a value in a limit box. This will bring up all the items in the Franklin Catalog that share that characteristic. You can apply additional limits and/or enter keywords in the search box to continue to narrow the results.
  • Each selected limit will be displayed at the top of the page, following the phrase "You searched for."> Limits are retained until removed or the Start Over button is selected.
  • To remove a selected limit from a search, click the X next to that limit in the You Searched For: details at the top of the page. The search will immediately execute without the limit. Choosing Start Over will also remove limits in use.
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