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More on Limits

Combining Limits (OR)

Currently Limits cannot be OR-ed together using the Limit Your Search functionality of the Franklin interface. However, it is possible to combine specific limit values using OR in a Keyword Expert search. Search terms must match specific existing values and terms are case sensitive.

beatles and format_facet:("Sound recording" OR "Musical score")

Excluding Limits (NOT)

Currently, specific limits can not be purposely excluded from a search using the Limit Your Search functionality. However it is possible to exclude specific limit values using NOT in a Keyword Expert Search. Search terms must match specific existing values and terms are case sensitive.

biology NOT format_facet:("Journal/Periodical" OR "Conference/Event" OR "Government document")

Facet Names and Values

Facet searching is case sensitive. Values must be added exactly as they appear in Franklin. In many cases, it is preferable to search by keyword in a field or by field codes as searches are less exact and will results in more results.

Facet Name Facet Code Search Examples
Access access_facet: access_facet:Online
Subject subject_facet: subject_facet:"Medical ethics"
Language language_facet: language_facet:French
Library library_facet: library_facet:"Van Pelt Reference"
Classification classification_facet: classification_facet:"P- Literature and Languages"
Publication Date publication_date_facet publication_date_facet:2000s
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