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Searching: Title Keyword

A title keyword search is a keyword search of the title fields. To search by title either:

1. Select title keyword from the pull-down menu in the Basic Search

Enter two words in any order, terms will be connected by AND, although adjacency will be weighted higher in the results.

   we live in water searches we AND live AND in AND water, but the exact title will be higher in the results.

Search a title as a phrase, enter it in quotes.

   "brave new world"

Want to do a proximity search, use the tilde symbol "~" and a number, after a search in quotes

   "heart sea"~3 finds heart AND sea within 3 words of each other.

the is a stopword.

2. Select Keyword Expert from the Basic Search menu

  • title:fool searches the word fool in the title fields
  • title:"farewell to arms"
  • title:"farewell to arms" and author:hemingway

3. Use Advanced Search

Limit search terms to the title field using the pull down menus.

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