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Phrases and Proximity


  • Put quotation marks around terms to be searched as a phrase:

        "distance learning"
        "gold standard"
  • Consider using quotes for titles:

        "lord jim"
        "call of the wild"

  • The single character truncation (?) and multi-character truncation (*) symbols do not work within phrases.

Proximity (Keyword searches & Advanced (Boolean) in Basic Search menu)

  • To do a proximity search, put search terms in quotation marks, followed by the tilde "~" symbol and a number.

        "carol dweck"~2 finds carol and dweck within 2 words of each other.

        "carol s dweck"~3 finds carol and s and dweck within 3 word/values of each other.

        "modern miracles"~5 finds modern and miracles within 5 words of each other.
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