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About the Project

Getting Started with the New Franklin

About the Project

The new Franklin project is built on the Penn Libraries Digital Library Architecture (DLA). The catalog was designed and developed by the DLA- D Franklin team (Phase I), which was charged in September 2010 with creating a discovery interface for the library's Voyager catalog using DLA technology. The team was asked to have a functional beta version ready by March 2011 and a production version by May 2011. The catalog went into production on 7 April 2011. In December 2012, The DLA-D Franklin Team (Phase II) was charged with closing all critical gaps in functionality between Classic Franklin and new Franklin.

The DLA-D Franklin team (Phase II) - December 2012 -

Team Leads: Richard Griscom and Jon Shaw (Co-Leads), leads/liaisons of the subteams (Lauren Gala, Andrea Loigman, Patty Lynn, Katia Strieck, Leslie Vallhonrat), Michael Gibney, Katherine Schultz, and Andy Sarno.


Development: Jon Shaw (Lead), Michael Gibney, Heather Glaser, Richard Griscom, John Kiser, Patty Lynn, Katherine Schultz, Leslie Vallhonrat
Account Data: Andrea Loigman (Lead), Peter Collins, John Kiser, Margy Lindem, Leslie Vallhonrat
Documentation/Communication: Patty Lynn (Lead), Richard Griscom, Jon Shaw
Metadata: Katia Strieck (Liaison), Metadata subteam of the Repository Services Team (Rachelle Nelson [chair], Eun Lee, John Ockerbloom, Lauris Olson) and David Giovacchini
Testing: Lauren Gala (Lead), Eric Janec, Holly Zerbe, Kaitlyn Lyons, Bob Walther, Nancy Shawcross, David Giovacchini
User Interface: Hope Lappin (Lead), Kate Atkins, Cathy Ogur, Lori Rowland, Leslie Vallhonrat (Liaison to ICM) under advisement of Interface & Content Management Committee (Joe Zucca [Chair], Marjorie Hassen, Samantha Barry, Frank Campbell, Richard Griscom, Leslie Vallhonrat)

The DLA-D Franklin Team (Phase I) - September 2010 - April 2012

Team Lead: Richard Griscom
ITaDD: Peter Cline, Delphine Khanna (through Nov. 2010), Katherine Schultz, Laurie Sutherland (through 15 Apr. 2011), Mike Winkler (ex officio)
Metadata: Katia Strieck, Jon Shaw
Public Services: Bob Walther, Lauren Gala, Andrea Loigman, Karrie Peterson
Communications: Patty Lynn
Web Unit: Leslie Vallhonrat


Development: Peter Cline, Delphine Khanna (through Nov. 2010), Katherine Schultz, Laurie Sutherland (through 15 Apr. 2011)
Documentation/Help: Marjorie Hassen, Patty Lynn, Karrie Peterson, Bob Walther
Gap Analysis: Andrea Loigman (Lead), Lauren Gala, Shana McDanold, Bob Walther
Ingest: Katherine Schultz, Laurie Sutherland (through 15 Apr. 2011)
Metadata: Katia Strieck (Lead), John Mark Ockerbloom, Katherine Schultz (beginning 15 Apr. 2011), Jon Shaw, Laurie Sutherland (through 15 Apr. 2011)
Patron services: Katherine Schultz, Peter Cline, Mike Winkler, John Kiser
Server support: Grover McKenzie, Martin Oestergaard, Mike Winkler, Peter Cline, Stephanie Alarcon
Testing: Lauren Gala (Lead), Emily Batista, Andrea Loigman, Patty Lynn, Lauris Olson, Nancy Shawcross
User Interface: Lauren Gala (Lead), Kate Atkins, Frank Campbell, Marjorie Hassen, Andrea Loigman, Shana McDanold, Leslie Valhonrat
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