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Requesting Library Materials

green icon (green): Available to be checked out.
When the status of an item is green, it is best to visit that particular library, if possible, and check out the item directly. For alternative options, click on the [Request it (PennKey)] link to request that an Available item be sent from one library to another (see Penn Library Delivers for additional information on this service), use the Books by Mail service, or place an item on Course Reserve (Faculty only).
yellow icon (yellow): Available for use in library or must be requested.
When the status of an item is yellow, click on the various request links provided and log in with your PennKey and password to see the available delivery services.
For books, videos, journals with the status Available offsite. Research Annex (LIBRA), patrons may request delivery from LIBRA to most libraries in the Penn system. (See Penn Library Delivers). Visitors who do not hold a PennCard or Library Courtesy Card must use the library's Request for Book/Recording/Video from LIBRA form to place a delivery request.
For books on Reserve or for library use only, check Franklin to see if there are additional copies. If not, click on [Request circulating copy (PennKey)] link to see your request options.
For items In Process, click on the [ Expedite processing] link to request that this item be cataloged and held for you. You will be notified by email when the item is ready for pick up.
red icon (red): Unavailable (with a link to request options)
When the status of an item is unavailable, click on the [Request options] link and log in with your PennKey and password to see the available request options. These include Interlibrary Loan (ILL), as well as Books by Mail for those registered.
For books On order, since we cannot predict when an on-order item will arrive in the library, we suggest you request a copy of the item through BorrowDirect/E-ZBorrow or Interlibrary Loan rather than using the Hold upon Arrival option.
It is possible to recall Checked out items from the current borrower. Since delivery time for a recall is typically a minimum of 10 days, this should be considered a Last Resort option to be used only if an item cannot be secured from BorrowDirect/E-ZBorrow or ILL.
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