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Going away from Penn for an extended period?

Tips from the Penn Libraries to avoid trouble

1. Check your PennCard expiration date before you leave.

Your borrowing privileges and your e-access privileges generally expire when your PennCard expires. The Penn Libraries cannot replace your PennCard. Contact the PennCard Center for help.

2. Return your charged-out books before you leave.

You don't want to get penalized for missing a book renewal date. You don't want to get penalized for keeping a recalled book. Read the fine print on Penn Libraries borrowing before leaving.

3. Again, return your charged-out books.

Believe it. Your classmates and colleagues want to read the same books that you read. If a book that you have charged out gets recalled by another Penn reader, you could end up with BIG overdue fines (like $1/day after 10 days) or book replacement charges.
It can get worse. when your fines or replacement charges reach $50, we automatically send the bill to the Bursar, who will post the amount on your next tuition bill. You may even be prevented from course registration by outstanding charges.
Those Interlibrary Loan books, BorrowDirect, and E-ZBorrow books? Return them too. Your failure to obey our lending agreements could jeopardize interlibrary borrowing for all Penn readers. And no, we don't deliver books overseas.

4. Most Penn Library Web e-resources are available offcampus.

That means, "Around the world," too. You will need to use the Penn Library Web home page's FindIt! and the PennText Article Finder. These both use a proxy service that requests your PennKey.
If you have problems connecting to an e-resource through the Penn Library Web, read the Penn Library Web page on Access to Restricted Library Resources through Proxy.

5. HELP!

Ask for it. E-mail us. Call us. Visit the Penn Library Web. Penn librarians created the Penn Libraries services and collections, we maintain them, and we use them every day. Visit Get Help/Ask Us as soon as possible!