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Education Collection - Overview

The Van Pelt Library houses the majority of the University Library collections in education. Originally a separate education library, the collections of the former Penniman Education Library were integrated into the Van Pelt Library collections.

The largest portion of the education collection is located in the Library of Congress L Classification on the fourth floor of Van Pelt. Related and frequently used materials are in the following LC Classification ranges: BF (psychology), HQ (child study), P (language acquisition, second language learning), Q-QA. (teaching of mathematics and sciences at the primary and secondary levels). There is also a significant amount of historical material in the 300s now in LIBRA Storage.

Educational theory and practice, the history of education, educational psychology, school administration/organization, and higher education have been the traditional focus of the collection. Paralleling current directions in GSE programs and research, new and continued collecting focuses include urban education, international education, the education of diverse populations, the teaching of math and science, literacy, and language learning.

The Library provides access to many important databases. Frequently used subject specific databases include ERIC, Education Source, PsycINFO, and Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of education, numerous multidisciplinary are regularly consulted. These include: Franklin: Articles+, ProQuest Digital Dissertations, Web of Science, and Scopus. In addition to database access, the library maintains a strong collection of journals in education and related fields.

Finally, the University of Pennsylvania is a partial depository for U.S. government publication sand for many English language publications from the United Nations and the European Community. Van Pelt also received UNESCO English language books and pamphlets and English and French periodicals. In 1996, the Library received the ERIC document microfiche collection from 1966 to 1995 as a gift from Research for Better Schools and, at that time, started a subscription to the microfiche set. The ERIC document collection ceased being produced in microfiche in 2004. The collection is now divided between LIBRA storage and Van Pelt microotext area. Online access to the ERIC documents is now provided by ERIC - Education Resources Information Center.