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Case of the Week - Teaching Case PowerPoints

Over 500 clinical cases (2003-2012) by Dr. Harold Tvedten, Strömsholm Regional Animal Hospital, former President, American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Each case has one or more important clinical pathology changes (hematology, cytology and clinical chemistry) that allow diagnosis of a pathologic process or disease or emphasize a principle. The cases are written as PowerPoint files in which each case is presented as an unknown case concluding "answer next week," and a second file with the answer. Most cases include several photographs (5-12) of hematologic or cytologic changes, therefore the program includes several thousand photographs useful for learning or teaching.

Note: For Penn Vet use only.

This material may not be published in major journals, books or sold without the written permission of the author, Harold Tvedten. However, "it is expected and desired that people (faculty and students) will adapt material in the cases (photos and data) to match the intended use (lecture, small group discussion, lab). This may include using only 1 or several photos or lab results in another presentation or use the case as is. It is also expected that people will have their own opinions and styles. Thus words and conclusions may be changed to match the person's needs."