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Library at the Katz CAJS Rare Book & Manuscript Collections

Rare Book and Manuscript Codex Collections

  • About 8,000 printed books with particular strength in Jewish law and liturgy. In addition, there are 453 codices, written in 11 different alphabets and 24 different languages and dialects as varied as Armenian, Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, Syriac, Yiddish and Telugu, a collection of ancient artifacts dating from ca. 2,500 BCE, as well as a collection of over 650 Cairo Genizah fragments.
  • 32 incunabula (17 Hebrew, 15 Latin).

Archives and Manuscripts Collections

  • The institutional archives of Dropsie College and various papers of its faculty. The personal papers of Jewish American scholars and community leaders who lived in Philadelphia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Among them are the papers of Isaac Leeser, Sabato Morais, Mayer Sulzberger, Moses Aaron Dropsie and Cyrus Adler. There are two significant collections of Yiddish archives: the papers of B.Z. Goldberg and Elias Schulman. The Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Collection of Early American Judaica, consisting of over 12,000 items, focused on Jewish communal, economic, religious,and social history around the Atlantic world from the 16th - 19th centuries, is the foremost collection of its kind.
  • Multi-media resources, including the Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Sound Archive, the Harvard Sheldon Jewish American Music Research Library, the Rabbi Michael Strassfeld Jewish Music Collection, the Lenkin Family Collection of Photography, which contains over 4,000 original 19th and early 20th century photographs of the Holy Land, and the Laurence Salzmann and Ayşe G?rsan-Salzmann Collection, home to over fifty years of photography, film and bookmaking by Laurence Salzmann.