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Finding Latin American Studies in Franklin

Franklin is the online catalog for all the Penn Libraries, with the exception of the Biddle Law Library (which has its own catalog). Cataloged items include books, serials, journals, e-journals, newspapers, conference proceedings, sound recordings, video recordings, and bibliographic and numeric data files in electronic format acquired since 1968, as well as most older materials. Among materials only partially in Franklin are older serials that have ceased publication, holdings of the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, sound recordings on cassette tape or on LP, and research collections in microform. Not included in Franklin are citations to articles in magazines, journals, newspapers, and the listings of individual conference papers, essays in collections.
When doing author or title searches in Franklin, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. Searches are truncated, i.e., you only need to enter as much information as you think is needed to find what you are looking for.
  2. Omit first articles ("the," "an," "el," "las," "le," etc.) in titles, but all words following must be entered exactly as they appear on the book's title page.
  3. Enter author names with the last name first (e.g., "garcia marquez, g"). Capitalization is not important.
An excellent way to use FRANKLIN is to search by Library of Congress subject heading
Some subject headings relevant for Latin America used in FRANKLIN are:
mexican literature
latin american literature
spanish american literature
music cuba
Argentina history
Brazil civilization
(To learn more about searching by subject heading click here.)
Keyword searching is very useful
  • for combining different concepts into one search
  • for restricting searches to geographic areas and
  • for identifying unfamiliar Library of Congress subject headings, especially from known catch-phrases.
To make a search more precise you can limit it to specific fields. Keep flexible in your searches, using broader or different terms, when your results are small, and narrower terms when results are large and include many irrelevant titles.
saints AND mexico
fiestas AND (mexico OR Guatemala)
modernism AND ("latin america" OR argentina OR uruguay)
globalization AND (mexic* OR "latin america*")
subject heading keyword peru AND relations AND "united states"
subject heading keypword brazil AND history
To learn more about keyword searching click here