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There is no list of Latin American videos held in the Penn libraries, nor is there a search that will capture all videos that are Latin American. Leaving aside the issue of what constitutes "Latin American" (films made in Latin America? produced by Latin Americans? treating Latin American themes?, etc.), one can create a useful list with a number of different search strategies.
One option is to do a subject heading keyword search in Franklin and limit it by "Format" to "Video"
Use of some other common Library of Congress subject words should produce significant results. For example, theatrical films generally have the subject heading "motion pictures, [adjective of country name]" (e.g., "Motion pictures, Cuban") and documentaries might have subject headings such as "Music-Cuba."
Here are some search examples:
"subject heading keyword" limits the keyword search to the subject field.
"*" truncates the search word.
(To learn more about subject heading keyword searching click here.)
Use VCat, which excludes all non-video records from Franklin.
Browse VCat using facets:
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