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Primary Source Collections: Byzantium

Rome : Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, 1967-2006.
Mainly works by Byzantine historiographers and chroniclers, but also includes other historically relevant texts.
Run a title search in Franklin for Corpus fontium historiae Byzantinae to see a listing of all works (the above link only goes to one item).
Bonn : impensis E. Weberi, 1828-97.
Holdings incomplete. Primarily a collected edition of Byzantine historian and chronologers. Includes parallel versions of Greek and Latin translations.
Van Pelt Library: mainly 888C ShbN
Links to sources of primary documents relating to Byzantium available on Google Books. Includes links to online volumes from the Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae, Corpus Iuris Civilis and Patrologia Graeca series.
The TLG was founded in 1972 to digitize the entire corpus of Greek literature from Homer to the fall of Byzantium. It now includes over 6,500 works by over 1,800 authors and is fully searchable online. Users who wish to save search results/settings need to create an account on the website.