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Classics Resource Room

The Classical Studies Resource room, located on the third floor of the Van Pelt Library (room 301), houses a non- circulating collection of primary, secondary and reference material useful to the study of ancient texts. The room has six tables for researchers to use.

Major series in the room:

The Collection Budi, or the Collection des Universitis de France, is a series of books comprising the Greek and Latin classics up to the middle of the 6th century. Each title of the series includes an introduction, notes and a facing-page French translation. The Greek authors in the series can be recognized by a yellow cover on which Athena's Little Owl can be seen, the Latin ones by a red one where one finds a she-wolf reminiscent of the Capitoline Wolf. Both pagan authors and Church Fathers are included.

The Bibliotheca Teubneriana, or Teubner editions of Greek and Latin texts, comprise the most thorough modern collection of ancient (and some medieval) Greco-Roman literature. The series, the full name of which is the Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana, consists of critical editions by leading scholars.

The Loeb Classical Library is a series of books, published by the Harvard University Press, which presents important works of ancient Greek and Latin Literature in a way designed to make the text accessible by presenting the original Greek or Latin text on each left-hand leaf, and a fairly literal translation on the facing page.
Greek: PA3611 Latin: PA6156

New Pauly is the first modern, multi-volume encyclopedia of antiquity in the English language. It provides comprehensive coverage of the ancient world from the prehistory of the Aegean (2nd millennium BCE) to late antiquity (600800 CE). A special section of the encyclopedia is devoted to the history of ancient world awareness and scholarship through later ages up to the present day.
DE5 .P33213

The Cambridge Ancient History is a major work of reference. The original edition was published in twelve text volumes between 1924 and 1939. Publication of the new edition began in 1970. Every volume of the old edition has been totally re-thought and re-written with new text, maps, illustrations and bibliographies. Some volumes have had to be expanded into two or more parts and the series has been extended by two extra volumes (XIII and XIV) to cover events up to AD 600, bringing the total number of volumes in the set to fourteen. Existing plates to the volumes are available separately.
D57 C252