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Primary Source Collections: Ecclesiastical

Most country-specific national source collections include some coverage of ecclesiastical history, but the major primary source collections for ecclesiastical history during the medieval period are transnational. Primary source collections of relevance to ecclesiastical history include hagiographical sources, religious writings and documents of the Christian governing structure. The most important source collection of hagiographical works (works about saints' lives) is Acta Sanctorum. However, it is supplemented by a number of other important sources--see the Hagiography section for more information. The most historically significant collections of patristic and other religious writings are Migne's Patrologia Latina and Patrologiae Graecae. However, the writings in these collections are often uncritical and filled with errors. The newer, critical Corpus Christianorum series and other critical collections largely supersede the Migne collections. Both of the Migne collections as well as the Corpus Christianorum are available in online versions, although these versions can be difficult to use and are currently incomplete.
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