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Amsterdam : North-Holland Pub. Co., 1978.
A standard work, translated and updated from earlier editions in German and Dutch (and updated in turn by the 1997 French edition - see below). Organized into five main sections: (1) "Typology of the sources of medieval history" (2) Libraries and archives (i.e., repositories of medieval manuscripts) (3) "Great collections and repertories of sources" (4) "Reference works for the study of medieval texts" (5) "Bibliographical introduction to the auxiliary sciences of history" (diplomatic palaeography, epigraphy, numismatics, sigillography, genealogy and heraldry and historical metrology).
Van Pelt Reference: D117 .C2213
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, 1997.
Translation and revision of Guide to the Sources of Medieval History (1978) - see above.
Van Pelt Library Medieval Studies (Rm 405, non-circulating): D117 .C23 1997
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, 1997.
80+ volume series of works that provide introductions and bibliographies to particular genres or methodologies of relevance to medieval studies.
Do a title search in Franklin for Typologie des sources du Moyen Age occidental to see a complete list of works in this series held at Penn.
Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, 1994.
This series of guides includes volumes on epigraphy, diplomatics, languages, numismatics and other subjects. There is some overlap between this series and Typologies des Sources du Moyen Age Occidental.
Do a title search in Franklin for Atelier du Medieviste to see a complete list of works in this series held at Penn.
Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, 1996.
"Part One consists of an introduction and sizable listing of general print and electronic reference and research tools. Part Two focuses on issues of language, with introductions to such topics as Biblical and Christian Latin, and Medieval Latin pronunciation, orthography, morphology and syntax, word formation and lexicography, metrics, prose styles, and so on. There are chapters on the Latin used in administration, law, music, commerce, the liturgy, theology and philosophy, science and technology, and daily life. Part Three offers a systematic overview of Medieval Latin literature, with introductions to a wide range of genres and to translations from and into Latin. Each chapter concludes with a bibliography of fundamental works--texts, lexica, studies, and research aids." --The Publisher
Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: PA2802 .M435 1996
Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 1992.
A guide to methodologies and approaches in Medieval Studies. Includes chapters on paleography, diplomatics, numismatics, archaeology, prosopography, chronology, law, music, art, etc.
Van Pelt Library Reference Stacks: D116 .M4 1992
Athens : University of Georgia Press, c1990.
"Studies of how medieval sources, familiar and not, can be read for women's history; includes seals, preachers' exempla, canon law, charters, sagas, medical literature, saints' lives, coins, and legal texts. Substantial bibliography. Fundamental work." (AHA Guide 20.12).
Van Pelt Library: HQ1143 .M44 1990

Bibliographies and Finding Aids
New York : Oxford University Press, 1995.
Extensive bibliography of historical literature. Several sections apply to medieval Europe.
Van Pelt Library Reference Desk: D20 .A55 1995
New York : Kraus reprint corp., 1964 [c1959].
Not so much a guide as a general bibliography of primary and secondary resources relevant to the study of the Middle Ages, 500-1300. The focus is on Western Europe but England is excluded.
Van Pelt Library: Z6203 .P19 1964
Millwood, N.Y. : Kraus International Publications, c1981.
Follows the same arrangement as Paetrow--focusing on Western Europe but excluing England--but coverage is extended to 1500. Supplements with information published after Paetrow was released in the 30s.
Van Pelt Reference: D117 .P29 1980 Suppl
New York : Garland Pub., 1987.
Includes a list of major letter collections.
Van Pelt Reference: D113 .B33 1987
New York : Garland Pub., 1983.
Extensive annotated bibliography of sources, secondary literature and reference material related to the middle ages.
Van Pelt Reference: CB351 .C76 1983

OBO is a library of discipline-based subject modules. In each subject module, leading scholars have produced a literary guide to the most important and significant sources in the area of study. Currently, 15 modules are available, covering subjects in the humanities and social sciences, including Medieval Studies.

Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1967-88.
A series of selective bibliographies, including works on liturgy, paleography, rhetoric, music, Chaucer and literature.
Do a title search for Toronto Medieval Bibliographies to see a list of titles in the series.