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Searching Franklin in Arabic script

Penn has cataloged its holdings in Arabic script since 1994. Unicode support makes it possible for users to search and display library catalog records in Arabic script.

Arabic-script fields are created for the following searchable entities:

  • Author/Editor
  • Title/Alternate titles
  • Series Title
  • Place of Publication/Publisher

Library of Congress Subject Headings are not translated into non-Roman scripts, although personal or corporate names used as subjects may sometimes be retrievable. For comprehensive results, it may be necessary to perform the search twice; once in the non-Roman script, and the second in transliteration.

To be able to take full advantage of searching and displaying in non-Roman scripts, your Internet browser will have to be configured for display using a Unicode-compatible font. To be able to search, your operating system will have to be capable of typing Arabic.

Arabic script cataloging exists for materials in the following languages

  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Ottoman Turkish
  • Urdu

Books in other Arabic-script languages, e.g. Kurdish, Pushto and Turkic languages written are best searched in transliterated format. Scripts will continue to be added to these records as time and capacity develop.


  • Omit the initial definite article الـ when searching for titles and names of persons for example:
    وصول إلى نهاية الأصول
    الوصول إلى نهاية الأصول

  • The zero-width non-joiner nim fasilah (used in Persian, Ottoman Turkish, Kurdish) can be input by typing Alt+0157 on your computer's numeric keypad.