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Middle East Sound Recordings

There is no list of Middle East sound recordings held in the Penn libraries, nor is there a search that will capture all sound recordings that relate to the Middle East. Nonetheless, one can compile a useful list with a number of different search strategies.
One option is to do a keyword search in Franklin
Use the term "sound recording" and combine it with the name of a country of region. Alternatively, use the word music with a place name (e.g., music AND Turkey).
Here are some examples of keyword searches:
"skey" limits the keyword search to the subject field.
"?" truncates the search word.
(To learn more about keyword searching click here.)
Another option for searching Franklin is to set search limits before performing a keyword search for "sound recording."
To set limits:
  • click the "All Search Limits" button.
  • On the limits page, choose a language, e.g., Arabic.
  • Click the "Set Limits" button. You will be returned to the main search page.
  • Perform a Keyword search for "sound recording." (To learn more about keyword searching
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