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Turkish Collection at Penn

Buyuk Saat* Enver Pasanin* Kuvayi Milliye* Osmanl-Rum Seferi

The rise of the Ottoman Empire produced a body of literature that spanned all areas of life, from administrative and diplomatic correspondence to art, culture and religion. Modern Turkey advanced even further in documenting and publishing its past and present history, archaeology and general culture, offering researchers a wealth of materials to choose from.

The Turkish aspect of the Middle East Collection is very well represented in Penn Libraries. Nearly 1,000 titles in the collection alone are in Ottoman Turkish, along with many rare serial titles, salnames, and works on history, biography and poetry. Modern Turkey, including works on the modern republic, language and literature, are well represented with over 8 thousand titles. Important general reference works on Turkish and Turkic history and culture such as Genel Turk tarihi, Turkler, Turkiye Diyanet Vakfi Islam ansiklopedisi and Osmanli ansiklopedisi.

Requests for additions to enhance and expand this area of the collection are always welcome, please contact the Middle East Bibliographer for suggestions.