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Comparative Literature

I. Program Information

II. Collection Description

Given the nature of Penn's programs (graduate and undergraduate) in Comparative Literature, with their emphasis on cultural studies and theory, the Library's collections are necessarily very broad, drawing on national literatures, Classics, art history, history, philosophy, communication, history of science, and so forth. Materials in these subjects are acquired with the needs of students and faculty working in comparative literature very much in mind. Works focussed specifically on comparative literature as a discipline, whether theoretical or comparative studies, are acquired at the level necessary for a research collection. The Library organizes and maintains collections of subject-based Internet links useful to students and scholars. Sites devoted to comparative literature are included in the Comparative Literature and Literary Theory page.

III. Guidelines for Collection Development

  1. Chronological

  2. Formats

  3. Geographical

  4. Language

  5. Publication Dates

IV. Principal Sources of Supply and major Selection Tools

V. Subjects Collected and Levels of Collecting


VI. Subjects Excluded

VII. Cooperative Arrangements and Related Collections