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Cultural Studies

I. Program Information

II. Collection Description

Since scholarship in cultural studies -- the analysis of the connections between different forms of culture, culture and politics, and culture and historical forces -- is by now a feature of every academic department in Penn's humanities program, the collections in support of this widely interdisciplinary area are virtually indistinguishable from the humanities collections as a whole. Its concentration at Penn, however, is found in the areas of English, French, and Comparative Literature. The Library's collections in scholarship and belles lettres relevant to cultural studies have traditionally been strong, although popular, non-elite forms of publication have not before been a priority for the Library. Historical material of this type must therefore now be collected retrospectively, generally in microform or reprint editions.

III. Guidelines for Collection Development

  1. Chronological

  2. Formats

  3. Geographical

  4. Language

  5. Publication Dates

IV. Principal Sources of Supply and major Selection Tools

V. Subjects Collected and Levels of Collecting


VI. Subjects Excluded

VII. Cooperative Arrangements and Related Collections