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Pat Polillo Archive

The Pat Polillo Archive consists of video, scripts, speeches, interviews, notes and memos of local television news innovator Pat Polillo. Polillo was a pioneer of television news at the local level for almost forty years, from 1961 to 1998. After serving as News Director at stations in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, and Atlanta he served as Vice President and General Manager at KPIX-TV in San Francisco and from 1980-1984 at KYW-TV in Philadelphia. He gained a reputation in the business for transforming sagging news operations into market leaders everywhere he went.

These resources provide an inside view of four important elements of local telelvision station operations:
  • The evolution of the Local News presentation format from a slow-moving talking head presentation into the more dynamic story-telling mode of today.
  • The establishment and rapid growth of instantaneous Electronic New Gathering (ENG) facility as it evolved from the original newspaper method of shooting and processing film to instant on-the-scene coverage of news as it was happening.
  • The actual records and documents that resulted in the creation of the I-Team, the most dominant, sustained and effective Investigative-reporting concept ever prduced by local television stations.
  • The development of unique broadcast editiorials that brought in viewer participation in previously unimagined numbers.
The collection of videotapes of material broadcast between 1962 and 1986 makes a potpourri of news and news-related programs that reflect the mores and values of this period.

All materials that comprise this archive are library use only.