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Sister Carrie
"A Strangely Strong Novel
in a Queer Milieu"
Curated by Nancy M. Shawcross
Rare Book & Manuscript Library
University of Pennsylvania

Paul Dresser
"My Gal Sal or They Called Her Frivolous Sal"
New York: Paul Dresser Publishing Co., 1905
The first page of the sheet music, whose title became the focus of the 1942 motion picture about the life and career of Paul Dresser, imparts a sentimental lyric set to ukulele music. Sal was, in fact, Sallie Walker, Paul's former mistress, who operated a highly successful house of prostitution on Main Street in Evansville, Illinois. It was a combination of Paul's success as a composer and Sallie's success as a madam that allowed Paul to move his then-destitute mother into a small home in Evansville in the early 1880s.

Brother Paul
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