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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Correspondence

Theodore Dreiser Papers
I. Correspondence

11-77A & C Black, Ltd. - Alleman, Marta
278-128Allen, Ben - American Federation of Labor (1929-1931, July 14)
3129-173American Federation of Labor (1931, July 17, July 23) - American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
4174-220American Spectator - Anderson, Sherwood
5221-314Andrea, Leonardo - Austrian, Delia
6315-364Author's and Writer's Who's Who - Baker & Taylor Co.
7365-454Balch, Jean Allen - Beard, Lina
8455-537Beck, Clyde - Bicknell, George
9538-568Big Brothers of America - Bland, H. Raymond
10569-616Blau, Perlman & Polakoff - Boni & Liveright (1917-1921)
11617-627Boni & Liveright (1922-1933)
12628-670Boni & Liveright (1934-1938) - Bowdoin College
13671-719Bowen, Croswell - Brandt & Brandt
14720-770Brandt Theatres - Brodsky, Nauda Auslien
15771-864Brody, Paul A. - Burns, Lee
16865-920Burnside, L. Brooks - Campbell, Louise (1917-1929)
17921-930Campbell, Louise (1930-1963, n.d.)
18931-1005Campbell, Mary - Chadwick Productions
191006-1076Chalian, Edward - Church Management: Journal of Parish Administration
201077-1133Churchill, Judith Chase - Cluett, Peabody & Co.
211134-1197Coakley, Elizabeth - Commonwealth College (Mena, Ark.)
221198-1224Communist Party of the United States of America - Constable & Company (1929-1934)
231225-1273Constable & Company (1935-1947, n.d.) - Cotton, Mother Emma
241274-1331Coulter, Ernest Kent - The Crusaders
251332-1364Crutcher, Ernest - Curtis Brown, Ltd. (1907-1933)
261365-1413Curtis Brown, Ltd. (1934-1940) - Davidson, Jo
271414-1469Davies, Marion - Delteil, Caroline Dudley
281470-1529DeMille, Cecil B. - Dimock & Fink Company
291530-1569Dinamov, Sergei - Doty, Douglas Zabriskie
301570-1601Doubleday, Doran & Company - Dreier, Thomas
311602-1617Dreiser, Albert J. - Dreiser, Helen Patges
321618-1690Dreiser, Henry - Dyer, Francis John
331691-1772E. P. Dutton - Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library, Terre Haute, Ind.
341773-1831Emergency Committee for Southern Political Prisoners - Ettelson, Samuel A.
351832-1870Ettinge, James A. - Fabri, Ralph (1929-1933)
361871-1880Fabri, Ralph (1934-1943)
371881-1915Fabri, Ralph (1944-1955, n.d.) - Fasola, F. B.
381916-1978Fassett, Lillian - Fischl, George
391979-2032Fischler, Joseph - Ford Hall Forum (Boston, Mass.)
402033-2092Foreign Policy Association - Freedman, May Brandstone
412093-2182Freeman, Helen - Geisel, K.
422183-2273Gelfand, Hyman A. - Goldberg, Isaac
432274-2336Golden, John - Graham, Marcus
442337-2426Grand Army of the Republic - Gunther, Ferdinand
452427-2487Guthrie, William Norman - Hampshire County Progressive Club
462488-2537Hampton, David B. - Harper & Brothers (1899-1920)
472538-2584Harper & Brothers (1921-1946) - Hartwell Stafford, Publisher
482585-2638Hartwick, Harry - Hedrick, T. K. (Tubman K.)
492639-2682Heilbrunn, L. V. (Lewis Victor) - Herdan, Gerald S.
502683-2761Hergesheimer, Joseph - Hoffmann, W.
512762-2843Hofschulte, Frank - Howe, L. V.
522844-2880Howell, E. L. - Hume, Cameron & Paseltiner (1920-1933)
532881-2928Hume, Cameron & Pasteltiner (1934-1942) - Ilhardt, Emil, Mrs.
542929-2975Illes, Bela - International League of Leavers of Footprints in the Sands of Time
552976-3000International Literary Bureau - Isbey, H. E. F.
563001-3057Isham, Frederic Stewart - Jenkins, William W.
573058-3098Jenks, George C. - Johns Hopkins University
583099-3173Johnson, A. D. - Juggler (Notre Dame, Ind.)
593174-3250Jules C. Goldstone Agency - Kelley, F. F.
603251-3286Kelly, Fred C. (Fred Charters) - Kerpel, Eugen (1936)
613287-3353Kerpel, Eugen (1937-1941) - The Knoxville News-Sentinel
623354-3420Knudsen, Paol - Labor Research Association (U.S.)
633421-3469Labor Temple School (New York, N.Y.) - Larrimer, Mary
643470-3550Larsh, Theodora - Lemon, Willis S.
653551-3562Lengel, William C. (William Charles) (1910-1957)
663563-3640Lenitz, Josephine H. - Liesee, Edith M.
673641-3690Life (New York, N.Y.) - Livraria Garnier
683691-3787Llona, Victor - Lyons & Carnahan
693788-3824M. Witmark & Sons - McCoy, Esther (1924-1933)
703825-3869McCoy, Esther (1934-1977 & writings) - Mack, Hazel (1936-1944, April)
713870-3939Mack, Hazel (1944, May-1946) - Malmin, Lucius J. M.
723940-4006Management Ernest Briggs (Firm) - Mason, Walt
734007-4024Masseck, C. J. - Masters, Edgar Lee
744025-4081Masters, Marcia Lee - Meltzer, E., Mrs.
754082-4093Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis) (1907-1917)
764094-4105Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis) (1918-1935)
774106-4117Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis) (1936-1954, n.d.)
784118-4202Mendelson, Edna G. - Milwaukee Writers Union
794203-4239Mind, Inc. - Monahan, Yvette
804240-4303Monatshefte für deutschen Unterricht - Motuby, Betty
814304-4379Mount, Richard - National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners (1931)
824380-4439National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners (1932-1937) - Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Co.
834440-4503Nesbit, Wilbur D. - New York Library Association
844504-4567New York Mirror (New York, N.Y.) - Norstedts tryckeri
854568-4654The North American - 130 Washington Place West Holding Corp.
864655-4712O'Neil, James - Oxford University Press
874713-4780P.E.N. Czechoslovakia - Patterson, William Morrison
884781-4825Pauker, Edmond - Pennsylvania Railroad
894826-4910People's Forum of Philadelphia - Piwonka, Hubert
904911-4971Plantin Press - Powys, John Cowper
914972-5062Powys, Llewelyn - Quintanilla, Luis
925063-5160R - Revue Internationale des Questions Politiques Diplomatiques et Economiques
935161-5236Rey, John B. - Roberts, William
945237-5325Robertson, John Wooster - Rossman, Carl
955326-5421The Rotarian - Salzman, Maurice
965422-5486Sampson, Emma - Schilling, Theodore
975487-5570Schindler, H. - Seldes, George
985571-5653Seldon, Lynde - Simon, Nelly
995654-5673Simon and Schuster, Inc. - Sinclair, Elsie
1005674-5719Sinclair, Upton - Smith, Edward H. (1913-1921)
1015720-5758Smith, Edward H. (1922-1927, n.d.) - Smith Book Company
1025759-5852Smyser, William Leon - Stalin, Joseph
1035853-5932Stanchfield & Levy - Stoddart, Dayton
1045933-6020Stokely, James - Swarthmore College
1056021-6084Sweeney, Ben - Telephone Subscribers Protective League
1066085-6176Temple University Woman's Club - Tomas, D.
1076177-6276Toner, Williams McCulloch - United Press International
1086277-6332United States. Assistant Secretary of State - University of Iowa
1096333-6392University of Michigan - Veritas Press
1106393-6458Verlag J. Engelhorns Nachf. Stuttgart - Wake, B. H.
1116459-6557Walburn, Nancy - Weiss, Rudolph
1126558-6644Weissenberger, M. C. - Whitlock, Douglas
1136645-6718Whitman, Charles Sidney - Willson, Bob William
1146719-6797Wilson, Charles Morrow - Wood, Robert Scofield
1156798-6844Woodbourne Correctional Facility - Woythaler, Erich
1166845-6902Wrenn, Charles I. - Youngblood, Jean
1176903-6935Your Life - Zweiger, William L. & unidentified

II. Miscellaneous Correspondence

BoxFolders Contents
1186936-6952Materials collected by or related to Estelle Kubitz Williams
1186953-6954Files relating to the Los Angeles Public Library (1946-1951) concerning Dreiser exhibition and acquisitions