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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Legal Matters

Theodore Dreiser Papers
III. Legal Matters

BoxFolders Contents
1196955Theodore Dreiser's Last Will and Testament
1196956Contracts: Horace Liveright, Inc. (1929-1938)
1196957Contracts: G. P. Putnam's Sons (1934-1942)
1196958-6959Contracts: Simon & Schuster, Inc. (1939-1941)
1196960Contracts: World Publishing Company (1946-1949)
1196961Contracts: University of Pennsylvania (1942-1949)
1196962-6975Copyrights: "An Address to Caliban" - "Epitaph"
1206976-7010Copyrights: The Financier - "You, the Phantom"
1217011Contracts: Argentina
1217012Contracts: Austria
1217013Contracts: Canada
1217014Contracts: Czechoslovakia
1217015Contracts: Denmark
1217016Contracts: England
1217017Contracts: Finland
1217018Contracts: France
1217019Contracts: Germany
1217020Contracts: Holland
1217021Contracts: Hungary
1217022Contracts: Italy
1217023Contracts: Japan
1217024Contracts: Norway
1217025Contracts: Poland
1217026Contracts: Portugal
1217027Contracts: Russia
1217028Contracts: South America
1217029Contracts: Sweden
1217030Contracts: Switzerland
1227031-7037Contracts & Correspondence: Horace Liveright Theatrical Productions (1926-1932)
1237038-7048Correspondence & Accounts: Piscator-Bühne (Dramaturgie) (1929-1937)
1247049Lawyers' Files: Dreiser v. Dreiser (1926)
1247050Lawyers' Files: The "Genius" (1929)
1247051-7054Lawyers' Files: Paramount Publix Corp. cases (1931-1938)
1247055-7056Notes & Clippings: Paramount Publix Corp./An American Tragedy case (1930-1932)
1247057-7058South American Lawsuits: America Is Worth Saving & Jennie Gerhardt (1941-1943)
1257059-7061An American Tragedy: trial of the book in Boston, Commonwealth of Mass. v. Donald S. Friede (1929)
1257062-7066The "Genius": 1916 protest
1257067-7073The "Genius": lawsuit, Theodore Dreiser v. John Lane Co. (1921)
1257074The "Genius": memorandum of law re proposed moving picture production (1929)