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Theodore Dreiser Papers: TD Writings: Short Stories

Theodore Dreiser Papers
VI. TD Writings: Short Stories

Note: for an itemized list of titles, see Appendix B.

BoxFolders Contents
35712490-12512A - D
35812513-12544E - Hei
35912545-12576Her - Lo
36012577-12607Ly - P
36112608-12635R - S
36212636-12667T - Z and untitled
36312668-12686Ideas for short stories (notes and clippings)
36412687-12699Ideas for short stories (Wynkoop murder case)

VII. TD Writings: Poems

Note: for an itemized list of titles, see Appendix C.

BoxFolders Contents
36512700-12789A - For
36612790-12873Fou - L
36712874-12946M - Q
36812947-13052R - Y
36913053-13056Selected poems for a small book of poetry (typescript, 2 copies)
36913057-13058Rhymed verse
36913059-13060Selection of poems by TD for ? (typescript)
36913061"Sonnets in Recollection" (ms)
36913062Verses, 1895 (ms)
36913063Selection of poems typed by ? (for inclusion in Robert Palmer Saalbach, Selected Poems from Moods by Theodore Dreiser, 1969?) (typescript and note)
37013064-13065Poems by TD translated into German by F. C. Steinermayr and Lind Goldschmidt (typescript, clipping, and xerox)
37013066-13069Poems by TD typed by Estelle Kubitz