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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Journals Edited by TD

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XII. Journals Edited by TD

BoxFolders Contents
38613501Notes: contents and cost sheets for the July and August 1906 issues of Broadway Magazine
38613502-13524Notes: production material and proposed articles for Bohemian Magazine
38713525Notes: American Spectator: New York Times editorial, 20 Oct. 1932; policy statements; potential contributors
38713526Notes: American Spectator: ideas for articles
38713527Notes: American Spectator: suggestions for articles
38713528Notes: American Spectator: articles written and expected
38713529Notes: American Spectator: comments re contributors or articles from Evelyn Light to TD
38713530Notes: American Spectator: "The Editors Believe" material
38713531-13533Notes: American Spectator: material submitted for publication
38713534Notes: American Spectator: information on distribution, advertising, printing, and financial matters supplied to TD by Evelyn Light
38713535Notes: American Spectator: radio broadcast, 1933
38713536Notes: American Spectator: miscellaneous
38813537Copies: Ev'ry Month, October 1895 (photocopied)
38813538-13539Copies: Ev'ry Month, Nov.-Dec. 1896
38813540Copies: Ev'ry Month, Jan. 1897
38813541-13543Copies: Ev'ry Month, March-May 1897
38813544-13545Copies: Ev'ry Month, Nov.-Dec. 1897
38813546Copies: Ev'ry Month, March 1898
38913547Copies: Ev'ry Month, April 1896-May 1897 (bound)
38913547Copies: Ev'ry Month, June 1898-May 1899 (bound)
39013548Copies: Broadway Magazine, June, July, Aug. 1906
39013548Copies: Bohemian Magazine, Sept., Oct., Nov. (2 copies), Dec. 1909
39113549Copies: American Spectator, Nov. 1932-Oct. 1933 [these copies are very fragile]