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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Notes Written and Compiled by TD

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XIII. Notes Written and Compiled by TD

BoxFolders Contents
39213550-13555Notes on the American scene: includes notes on political parties, corporations, charity, banks, revision of the New York constitution [many of these notes probably were collected for the writing of Tragic America]
39213556Notes on amnesia; idea for a story about an amnesia victim
39213557Notes on TD's books
39213558-13564Notes on capital and labor [many of these notes were probably collected for the writing of Tragic America]
39313565-13574Notes on capital and labor
39313575-13592Notes on capital and labor: United States v. Haywood et al., 9-13 Aug. 1918
39413593"Sex" (typescript)
39413594"Adultery, the Church and Law" [after 1931] (typescript)
39413595"The Catholic Church and the Labor Movement," by David J. Saposs
39413596"Catholics in Education": outline and division into chapters by Esther McCoy(?)
39413597"Catholic's Progress," by ? (typescript)
39413598-13606Miscellaneous notes on the Catholic church (typescript, clippings)
39413607"The Church and Double-Quick Time" (typescript)
39413608Version of "The Church and Wealth in America" in Tragic America (typescript, 2 copies)
39413609"Church Support in the U.S.," from a thesis by Michael N. Kremer (typescript, with a note from ?)
39413610"Church Support in the United States" (photostat of introductory matter and a note from ?)
39413611"Church Support in the United States," by Michael N. Kremer (printed version)
39413612"Concerning Mr. Guthrie's Opinion on Church and State in Mexico," by Charles C. Marshall
39413613"The Holy Roman Church" (typescript)
39413614Letters re the Catholic church
39413615"My Quarrel with the Catholic Church" (typescript, 3 copies)
39413616"A Roman Catholic and the Presidency," by Charles C. Marshall
39413617"The Roman Catholic Church as a Business and Political Organization," by ? (typescript)
39413618"Simony: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary," by Rev. Raymond A. Ryder (printed version)
39413619"The Support of the Catholic Church" [restatement of data from "Church Support in the United States," by Michael N. Kremer] (typescript)
39513620Notes on censorship
39513621Notes on dictatorship: European, Central and South American countries, and U.S. (typescript and note from ?)
39513622-13623Notes on dreams: accounts of TD's dreams (ts and copies)
39513624-13626Notes and articles re the Federal Arts Program
39513627-13631Notes on and by Charles Fort; autobiographical statement; list of his writings; reviews of his works; Fort memorabilia
39513632Notes on Germany
39513633-13634Notes on Emma Goldman [compiled by Esther McCoy?]
39513635Notes on Alexander Hamilton, Grover Cleveland, and James G. Blaine [made by Evelyn Light?]
39513636Notes on insurance by ?
39513637Notes on interdependence
39513638Notes on Japan, 1932-1934
39513639Notes on the Jewish question
39513640-13642Notes for an article on Los Angeles
39613643-13658Notes on the Mechanics & Traders-Union bank scandal, Brooklyn, 1906-1915
39613659Notes on music (typescript)
39613660Lists of names and word substitutions (ms and clippings)
39613661Novels, proposed: outlines (ms)
39613662-13668Novels, unfinished: "Mea Culpa" (ms and typescript)
39613669-13670Novels, unfinished: "Our Neighborhood: A Book of Present Day Life," by C. T. Allison [written in TD's hand]: foreword; chaps. I, II, III (ms) [see also "Hollywood Now," Box 342]
39713671-13683Novels, unfinished: "The Rake": list of incidents; prologue; 7 chaps. (some incomplete); notes; related clippings
39813684Ouija board notes
39813685Notes on philosophers (typescript)
39813686-13694Notes on philosophy and science typed by Estelle Kubitz
39813695Notes on production and machinery taken from Howard Scott of Technocracy (typescript)
39913696-13700TD's notes on reading
39913701Notes on realism and other literature
39913702-13703Notes on Russia, 1932-1934
39913704Notes on Russian writers (ms)
39913705Notes on relief for Spain; copies of The War in Spain, 18 Feb.-1 April 1939; copies of Voice of Spain, 8 April-23 Sept. 1939
39913706Miscellaneous notes
40013707[Philadelphia] diary: prescriptions, 1902-1903 (xerox of originals at Lilly Library, Univ. of Indiana)
40013708-13713[Philadelphia] diary: 22 Oct. 1902-17 Feb. 1903 (xerox)
40013714-13719[Philadelphia] diary: explanatory letters and transcription by Neda Westlake for entries for 22 Oct. 1902-17 Feb. 1903 (typescript)