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Theodore Dreiser Papers: TD Diaries

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XIV. TD Diaries

BoxFolders Contents
40013720Diary fragments: 1913-1919 (ms)
40013721-13726[Savannah] diary: 26 Jan.-18 Feb. 1916 (ms)
40013727[Savannah] diary: transcription by Neda Westlake for entries for 26 Jan.-18 Feb. 1916 (xerox)
40013728-13731[Greenwich Village] diary: xerox of letters establishing provenance of diary; entries for 15 May 1917-4 March 1918 (xerox of typescript)
40013732-13733[Indiana] diary: 15 June-2 July 1919 (ms)
40013734Diary of trip to Grove and Asbury Park, New Jersey: 12-14 July 1919 (ms)
40113735-13761[Helen] diary: 26 July 1919-2 July 1924 (ms and typescript)
40213762[Florida] diary, 1925-1926: maps, bills, guides, telegrams, miscellaneous
40213763-13766[Florida] diary: 8 Dec. 1925-25 Jan. 1926 (ms)
40213767[Florida] diary: copy of Sunland magazine (Jan. 1926)
40213768-13769[Florida] diary: newspaper clippings re real estate development in Florida, 13, 28, 29 Dec. 1925; 24 Jan. 1926
40313770[European] diary: 22 June-21 Oct. 1926 (ms bound in hard cover)
40413771Theodore Dreiser: American Diaries, 1902-1926 (Thomas P. Riggio, editor; James L. W. West III, textual editor) (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982): suggest ed illustrations (xerox)
40413772American Diaries (Pa. ed.): copies of correspondence re publication
40413773American Diaries (Pa. ed.): front matter
40413774-13775American Diaries (Pa. ed.): introduction by Riggio
40413776American Diaries (Pa. ed.): editorial principles by West
40413777-13778American Diaries (Pa. ed.): Philadelphia diary, 22 Oct. 1902-17 Feb. 1903; notes
40413779American Diaries (Pa. ed.): Savannah diary, 1916; notes
40413780-13784American Diaries (Pa. ed.): Greenwich Village diary, 15 May 1917-4 March 1918; notes
40413785American Diaries (Pa. ed.): Home to Indiana, 1919; notes
40413786American Diaries (Pa. ed.): A Trip to the Jersey Shore, 1919; notes
40413787-13793American Diaries (Pa. ed.): Helen, Hollywood, and the Tragedy, 19 July 1919-2 July 1924; notes
40413794-13795American Diaries (Pa. ed.): Motoring to Florida, 8 Dec. 1925-25 Jan. 1926; notes
40413796American Diaries (Pa. ed.): appendix--diary fragments, 1914-1918
40413797American Diaries (Pa. ed.): textual apparatus

Note: For additional TD diaries, see Boxes 142, 143, 144 (European diary, 1911-1912, used in writing A Traveler at Forty); Box 171 (diary notes for A Hoosier Holiday); and Box 222 (Russian diary, 1927-1928, used in writing Dreiser Looks at Russia).