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Theodore Dreiser Papers: Biographical Material

Theodore Dreiser Papers
XV. Biographical Material

BoxFolders Contents
40513798Pages from Dreiser family Bible; title page from Dawn
40513799List of TD domiciles and places of employment
40513800"A Dreiser Chronology," by John G. Moore, 22 Feb. 1946 (ts)
40513801Autobiographical sketch by TD for Household Magazine, Nov. 1929 (typescript and xerox)
40513802TD's account of his life for Eric Possell, 16 March 1928 (ms)
40513803List of TD's writings in various forms and their owners as of 1922(?); later lists of TD manuscripts for auction (typescript)
40513804List of TD's magazine articles and other writings (typescript)
40513805Writings by or about TD in the State Library, Salem, Oregon [after 1940] (typescript, 2 copies)
40513806Accident reports: (1) TD hit by auto, 11 April 1919 (ms); (2) auto accident involving TD, Helen Richardson, and Clara Clark, 18 Aug. 1932 (typescript)
40513807List of invitees for Simon & Schuster reception for TD at Iroki, Mt. Kisco, N.Y., Oct. 1934 (ms and typescript)
40513808TD address list (typescript)
40513809Miscellaneous addresses of TD associates
40513810Biographies of TD in reference books (typescript)
40513811Miscellaneous biographical data
40513812Press release announcing TD's appointment as editor of The Delineator (typescript)
40513813TD's plan for making money after being fired from The Delineator(?) (ms)
40513814TD horoscopes
40513815TD's proposal for a society to help young authors, 23 Jan. 1919(?)
40513816"A Literary Apprenticeship," autobiographical ms (incomplete) and notes; notes for an autobiographical work, "Literary Experience"
40513817Architect's sketches of Iroki [TD's Mt. Kisco home], 12 March 1930; advertisement for sale of Iroki; directions to Iroki; furniture advertisement with note from Evelyn Light [see Bo x 484, folder 14691, for map of Mt. Kisco]
40513818Inventory of TD's papers at Mt. Kisco and Manhattan Storage, 1933 (typescript)
40513819Inventory of TD's papers at Mt. Kisco and Manhattan Storage, 1938, revised later by TD and Helen Dreiser (typescript)
40513820Inventory of TD material at Manhattan Storage, annotated by Helen Dreiser and Harriet Bissell (list typed in 1938)
40513821Lists and receipts of transfers of material in storage at Mt. Kisco and Manhattan Storage, and other inventoried papers, 1931-1946 (typescript)
40513822Miscellaneous lists
40513823TD awards; obituaries (clippings)
40513824Memorial service for TD, 3 Jan. 1946 (typescript)
40513825Miscellaneous items re Dreiser family members: Edward Dreiser, Mary Frances Dreiser Brennan, John Paul Dreiser
40513826TD notes and souvenirs from trips [see Box 484, folder 14692, for souvenir map of Big Moose Lake, New York]